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Feb 27, 2008 01:51 PM


Ok, We're celebrating our wedding just south of Hartford, CT in October 2008.
Very simply, we're looking for the best damn BBQ around!
It's a casual wedding in an old barn, and we want some hot BBQ to chow down on.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Go to, it is the best BBQ site around. It has reviews on almost every BBQ in the New England and NY area. Good luck and congrats!

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    1. re: Rose125

      Jordans Caterers in Cheshire advertises a pigroast/BBQ. I haven't had this but their other catered stuff is great.

      1. re: jimbo1

        I second Jordan Caterers. Jeffrey and Debra Rapoport are great people with a great product. They care about what you're trying to accomplish

    2. Lou from Holy Smokes (formerly in Hatfield, Ma.) has gone strictly into the catering business.

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      1. re: RussW

        I second the Holy Smokes rec. Fantastic BBQ. I, (and many others) grieved hard when their building burned down. Quite frankly, I'd want to attend your wedding just for the opportunity to taste their ribs again.

        1. re: hilltowner

          Don't know if this is too far away, but Beckys BBQ in Middletown RI is fantastic! They cater- give them a call.

          1. re: hilltowner

            Third Holy Smokes! Excellent bbq and good people.

        2. Uncle Willies in Waterbury or New Haven

          and if you can track him down, Joe Grates is the best BBQ Man north of the Mason Dixon.
          He doesn't have a restaurant anymore, but he caters, he had a stand going at the New Haven Cutter's games last summer.

          1. Have to second Beckys BBQ in Middletown RI. We have a family member in North Carolina (BBQ ground zero), this is better! They have both vinegar and tomato based sauces and the pulled pork, beans (i think 3 different kinds) and stew are just amazing.