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Feb 27, 2008 01:21 PM

Anniversary Dinner

So me and my significant other are celebrating our 3rd anniversary. Where should we go? I am thinking about the following places:

The Good Fork
The Grocery

It'll be Saturday so I better make reservations soon. BUT does anyone have any recommendations? I'm footing the bill but he's the bigger food snob than me. We've never been to any of the above. Old standbys for us are Al di la and LouLou's. Does anyone know a cheaper place in Brooklyn that offers a bigger (yet still romantic) bang for the buck?


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  1. What is your price range? The past couple of years my husband and I have gone to Saul for our anniversary and it hasn't disappointed. If you call in advance you can request the chef's special tasting menu (sorry I don't remember the price, but I don't remember it being outlandish though). I think it was 5 courses. We told them it was our anniversary and both times when we arrived they wished us a happy anniversary and gave us each a complimentary glass of champagne and at the end of the meal they packed a little container with chocolates and butter cookies to take home.

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      Price range - well I'm thinking $120 for the both of us. I'll call Saul - I have never been there. I'll have to mention it's our anniversary!

    2. I have heard many good things about The Good Fork, though I've never been so I can't vouch for the atmosphere. I highly recommend Dressler in Williamsburg. The food is fantastic and the space is beautiful.

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        It's hard to get to The Good Fork without a car - I get lazy when I have to do the whole train and bus deal. Occasionally I get a car and I mean to try the place.

        Dressler. I have to try that also. I have a bit of a reticence to go to Williamsburg.... need to get over it.....

      2. Tempo, although even with the fixed price ($34 on weekends) the bill will run up due to the excellent wine and drink list. But it's a great place for anniversaries. I didnt think that the Good Fork was up to the others in either food or atmosphere and I dont like The Grocery much, but that's probably just a preference thing. I'm pretty sure Saul will run over your $120/couple even before tax/tip... you better check. Applewood is around Tempo's price range but a completely different experience... more homey/country, while Tempo is a more modern/classy type approach. I'd really add Garden Cafe to your list. May be the best choice overall.

        1. i would scrap the grocery idea... while i like it there, and found the food tobe good, the prices are quite exorbitant and i think i paid $250 for my boyfriend and myself when i took him there for dinner one night. (two apps, two entrees, a bottle of wine, and i think one dessert to share.) im not inherently opposed to shelling out that kind of cash for a reall fabulous dinner, but for that money, you can get better food.

          and there is comparably good food in the area for much less.
          i think saul is a good idea.

          tried po recently (on valentines day actually) which was lovely, tasty, and i think would be more in your $120 price range. this might be the best bang for the buck in the neighborhood in my opinion.

          agree that good fork is nice, but hard to get to unless that is your location to begin with.

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          1. re: vatl619

            I'd also cross Grocery off your list....overrated and not remotely romantic, it's really a cramped place.

            I think Saul would be a little tight on $120, depending on if wine is included in that. I think entrees are around $30 at the would be a tight squeeze to get 3 courses each in.

            Applewood would be more doable, slightly cheaper than Saul. Not very romantic dining room but excellent food, one of my favorites in brooklyn.

          2. I second (or third?) Tempo. What about Osteria Convivium? Verrrry romantic. Rosewater too is pretty romantic. Good luck! - amy @

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              Rosewater - never been. I will have to check it out. We went to Osteria Convivium almost 3 years ago - very romantic spot.

              Alright - so get this - we ended up going to Ici in Fort Greene. That's partly because I live right here near it and my internet was down so I did not get to see some of these awesome suggestions. Ici was mixed. I had the hangar steak ($21) which was wonderful with polenta and mushrooms. My significant other had a very bland (and tiny) cod dish ($24)

              I really liked Tempo when we went there for my birthday this year - delicious and well-priced!