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Feb 27, 2008 01:04 PM

Help me choose!

Hi everyone,

I am popping along my husbands business trip in London. I have room for 3 dinners (together), 2 lunches together and 1 lunch by my lonesome. we are staying in Knightsbridge. I have reservations almost to everywhere and need help narrowing down. Obviously it is subjective, but i'm open to opinions and if you like a place let me know if there is a dish you love! I only decided to tag along 2 days ago...hopefully i've done enough research!

Oh btw, we would really like to have great indian. Unfortunately, we are limited in our knowledge and like good old butter chicken, dosas and papadums. we are really open to trying new dishes, but not sure what to try? so if you have reccs, love to hear as well.

Only real restriction is that husband is not really into fish...he only likes rare or sashimi tuna and scallops

Friday night - J Sheekey v. Wild Honey v. Arbutus
Saturday night - The Only Running Footman v. Barrafina
Sunday night - Quilon vs. Amaya

Friday - Noura
Saturday - Bombay Brasserie buffet
Sunday - up in the air, but we are going to Tower of London and then Westminister etc. this day...anywhere in the area that is good?

Thank you for your help. Price is not a really big issue, but last night figured out that we owe about $2300 in taxes, so I slashed out the GR restaurant (we are more into solid food and good vibes/atmosphere/"buzzy" than 3 star mich)


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  1. oh and I forgot, i'm going next week!

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      I did tamarind's 3 course meal on sundays---it's nice, but not your typical Indian restaurant, and the dishes you mention seem to be like the americanized/britishized indian cuisine--if you want to get nitty gritty, head to brick lane for the slew of Indian restaurants.

      1. re: bagelfairy

        NOT Brick Lane! See all the other posts on this topic for good Indian food. No personal experience, but I have heard that Benares (in Berkely Square so near Knightsbridge) is an excellent upmarket Indian restaurant.

    2. My daughter-in-law knows her Indian food and loved Amaya. I'll footnote that by saying she's an American. Avoid Brick Lane. The chef at Benares used to run Tamarind and I enjoy his recipes very much.

      1. For Indian, Mrs Harters has recently eaten at Moti Mahal and throughly enjoyed it. A site search will find past threads.

        I am also a great fan of the Noura chain which serves generous portions of Lebanese food. Make sure you don't eat too much at lunch that you have no appetite for the gastro-dinner onthe Friday.

        1. I just went to Barrafina and have become a big fan! I haven't been to TORF yet - so cant compare. But Barrafina was definately a great night out.

          1. I thought Arbutus was very mediocre and lacking in atmosphere - had the three course lunch in September last year and all the courses were very disappointing (especially given the many good reviews I read on these boards), the restaurant was completely empty (at 1pm on a Saturday) and given the moderny stark interior it just wasn't a very nice experience. So I'd definitely choose either of the other two options (prob J Sheekey, as I think it's the Arbutus crew that opened Wild Honey).

            Good luck and let us know what you decide on! Oh, and as an additional note - Gordon Ramsay's restaurants (I've only been to Claridge's and Boxwood Cafe) are FANTASTIC, and if you go for lunch the prices at Boxwood are a very good deal (we paid slightly more than for lunch at Arbutus and it was a gazillion times better). It's at the Berkeley Hotel and I really enjoyed the food (you can take a look at the menu on the Gordon Ramsay website).