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Feb 27, 2008 01:03 PM

Going on a date, with my wife, need advice on resto

Hello...because of baby, my wife and I do not get out on our own very often, BUT this Friday I've booked the babysitter and am planning on a nice dinner out somewhere funky (with a little romance thrown in) but not a a super pricey spot, ideally a $150 for two with a bottle of wine kind of place. Since we don't get to do this often I want to be sure to pick the right place. Here is what I was thinking about:


I know, sort of a mixed bag.... Any advice / additional suggestions?

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  1. Good for you foodiesmith.....I love to hear stories like that. L'Unita is very nice but not sure you will be able to get reservations for this Friday. They tend to fill up quickly. I would also consider Pastis. It's not your typical dim lit, candles type place but for whatever reason we always have a great evening and leave with a full tummy and warm heart. For us, it's got the perfect vibe. Oh, and the food is excellent too! And if you go, have your wife order a cosmo - best in the city.

    Another good spot would be Niagara Street Cafe. Although I believe someone else posted this week that they could not get a Friday reservation so that might not work.

    Either way have a great time and let us know where you ended up. Cheers.

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      Weezie's is small, intimate and not a scene. The food's great at Batifole but its not terribly romantic tho nice. Haven't been to L'Unita yet and was disappointed with Eleven.

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        I guess I'll take my turn at being the first to chime in with Rosebud. Price point is right on, romantic setting in their booths, and the food rarely disappoints.

        1. re: Late Blooming Onion

          i love weezie's- it's small & run by a lovely couple, prices are good & the food is homey & consistently good. The tables are great for a date. prices are very reasonable.

          1. re: MartiniGirls

            Weezies or the new Terroni on Adelaide East..Miranda

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              I was at the new Terroni this week, I'm a fan of the Queen location and had a good night at another, but thought the service and food was consistantly fine, I found this location to feel like a also gets packed, not on the Tuesday I was in but I saw a line of at least 30 people out the door last week one evening...

              1. re: Recyclor

                And the Adelaide location is extremely NOISY. Not a date place at all unless you enjoy shouting at each other.

    2. Romance, great food, reasonable prices, good service, and a romantic nook all say L'Unita to me as a first choice. The advice you got was sound. Call right away to see if they have a table. Cold (and I mean DAMN cold) weather can slow things down reservations wise. Good luck.

      Second place by a wee nose would be Weezie's. Fantastic place for romance.

      I haven't dined at Batifole or Eleven. I don't find the neighbourhood surrounding Batifole nor the decor of Eleven to be conducive to romance. But that's probably just me...

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        Went to Weezie's the 1st time a couple weeks ago - EXCELLENT - food, atmosphere, service, everything. Just kind of wish they'd do something about the slightly bizarre name that reminds me of having an asthma attack.......

      2. Scaramouche, my friend. If recent reports are to be believed, it won't be around for much more. (New owners of the building are reputed to be asking for triple the rent.) Every time I've been, wonderful food, gracious service, and beautiful ambiance. Take advantage while you can; you may not have the chance in a few years. I promise, you won't regret it.

        1. Thanks to all for responding and the suggestions. I was hoping to make my first choice L'Unita but unfortunately they were booked solid. That said, my second choice of Weezie's turned out to be just great. We both had a nice time and the food lived up the hype. We had the following:

          Apps: Short Rib Poutine and Salt Cod Cakes (the cod cakes won this one, the pouting was good, but not mind blowing as I've heard)
          Mains: Chicken Pailard and the Burger plus a side of braised Brussel sprouts.
          All solid, I love the mustard sauce for the chicken and the burger was very good but the I would say that they need to figure out a better bun (they used a kaiser). The braised b. sprouts were yummy. We took the advice of the very friendly and fun waiter and had one of the last bottles of primitivo, which was excellent. Oh I almost forgot, we saved room for dessert, had a lovely pecan pie and a piece of chocolate cake with a bourbon caramel sauce--> all homemade and mind blowingly good. The vibe is relaxed and it's the perfect place to hang out and have a long meal with someone special or a group. I have only good things to say, Weezie's is a real find and a great bistro. I've heard some complaints about the bread, they must have listend because we were served fresh and warm sliced bagette. Am making myself hungry again...