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Feb 27, 2008 01:02 PM

Wedding dinner suggestions around Deerfield

Getting married in Deerfield and need suggestions for Saturday evening dinner after ceremony. Thirty people max, several are children/toddlers. Food should be American type - steak, fish, chicken. Several sensitive stomach eaters so they like bland, but I would like good food and a nice atmosphere. Liquor license is good and I'm thinking not more than $50 a head. Garden type theme a plus in decor. Probably given the amount of people, this needs to be held in a banquet room... Travel times should be no longer than 20-30 minutes from Deerfield. Thanks in advance! This will be in June if that matters...

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  1. Offhand, I you may want to contact Stoney River in Deerfield at the corner of Waukegan and Deerfield Road. Exc. food and a dinner can be brought in for around $50.00. You can also bring up to 2 bottles of wine for a modest corkage fee of $10.00.

    Another restaurant that may be able to assist you is J. Alexander on Lake Cook just west of I294. While it is in Northbrook, it is across the street from Deerfield and has a wide variety of food that you will enjoy. I am just not sure about such a large party. This restaurant would be more in line with what you are looking for if they can hold such a large party.

    There is a Wildfire up on Milwaukee Ave. about 15 minutes North of Deerfield. They may have a party room.

    There are other exc. possibilities including the Italian restaurant at the North east end of Northbrook Court. It is a Lettuce Entertain you restaurant (I am having a mental block as to name right now) and we have hosted nice parties there. I will come up with other suggestions and hopefully will post them here soon. Don

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      Stoney River is the first thing I thought of, too. They have multiple private rooms, etc. and the food is indeed excellent.

      The name of the LEY Italian restaurant in Northbrook Court is Di Pescara. They have semi-private and private rooms to hold 10-150, according to their website at

    2. Head up to Highwood for some wonderful choices
      310 Green Bay Rd.

      429 Temple Ave.(H-P)

      301 Waukegan Ave.

      Alex's Washington Gardens
      256 Green Bay Rd.

      Froggy's French Cafe
      306 Green Bay Rd.

      Hope this helps

      1. Stoney River is a great option for a crowd with kids. Ample parking and right in downtown Deerfield.