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Feb 27, 2008 01:02 PM

stilton ideas?

I have about a quarter of a wheel of lovely, authentic English Stilton in my fridge. I've already done lots of wonderful things with it...topping roasted vegetables, in green salads with walnut oil, with pears, apples, or various confitures...I'm running out of ideas. can anyone help inspire me?

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  1. It's delicious in twice-baked potatoes, or also mixed into a nice creamy potato soup.

    1. Inspiration? Certainly.

      Just go back to basics and eat it as it is. Maybe with some nice bread and a good apple. No fine way of enjoying our most famous (if not best) cheese.

      But if you must cook with it, here's a link to the recipe page on the cheese's website: You might like to try the recipe for stilton & spinach parcels seeing as the person who supplied it comes from Melton Mowbray (a town in the East Midlands in the middle of the Stilton production area - town is actually much more famous for pork pies



      1. I once made a delicious terrine from Epicurious. I can't find it now, but it was basically stilton blended with cream cheese and softened, layered in a loaf pan (lined with plastic) with a fig and port jam (I did homemade, but you could used jarred), served with apple wedges and bread. It was fantastic and really highlighted stilton.

        1. Every Christmas I beg my mother to make her Stilton soup recipe as a super rich soup course for Christmas dinner. Start with a roux (you can base the roux on sauteed onions or shallots if you like, but then you have to run the soup through a blender just before you add the cheese), whisk some white wine and chicken stock into the roux and simmer for a half hour - forty minutes. If you've added anything to make the soup lumpy or chunky (veggies, onions, whatever) you'll want to blend at this point. Return to the pot once it's smooth and add some milk, and bring up to *almost* a simmer. Add Stilton and some heavy cream and stir gently over LOW HEAT (don't boil or simmer now) until the cheese is melted and the cream incorporated.

          Alternately, to use less cream, you could base this soup on a smooth potato base, like a warm vichysoisse.

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            Here's my Christmas Day lunch standard - Stilton Leek and Wild Mushroom Soup:


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              I like to make egg frittata with some crumbled stilton and bacon. Also endive with stilton and carmelized pecans is wonderful. Try using it to make a pasta sauce I melt it into heavy cream add a little vermouth amd toss it with gnocchi. Another way to use it is let it get soft mix it with finely chopped walnuts then roll grapes in the mixture. Chill these then serve yum really good.

          2. polenta. makes a fine companion to a great braise.

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              A friend served it to me with a port syrup and walnuts that were somehow candied with some port. It was wonderful.

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                nice. please grab that recipe and post it.

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                  Along the lines of Vetter, stilton is delcious with warm, poached pears and toasted walnuts.

                  For a great appetizer, try putting a piece inside a pitted date with slivered almonds.