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Feb 27, 2008 12:34 PM

Montauk in March

I am planning a weekend trip to Montauk in March and know that it's out-of-season...I'm looking for the best places to eat and drink (lodging advice welcome too!) in Montauk that are open at this time of year. I'm going with my fiance and we both love seafood...especially local mom-and-pops type of joints.


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  1. Chowhound has a very narrow mission--where to find deliciousness. General travel planning questions, like where to stay while visiting a town, are off topic for our boards. Please keep your replies focused on helping the poster find great chow, as off topic replies will be removed.


    1. There's a famous lobster roll place out that way - but I can't remember the name of it right now - on the highway, on the ocean side - hopefully someone else will chime in.

      Some of the threads in this search may have some tips as well:

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        The Lobster Place you reference is called Lunch and is halfway between Amagansett and Montauk on the south side of 27. A little further and in jfood's opinion much better is Cyrils, about 3/4 mile past Lunch on the north side of 27. Not sure if either or both are open this time of year. These definitely qualify as Mom/Pop lunchy places. Cyril, if he is around, will remind you of the old sea captain from the Caribbean (where he is from)

        Dinner - Two favorites of jfood are The Laundry and Nick and Toni's both in East Hampton. There are times when M&M jfood consider driving from CT to EH just to eat at these two places. They are that good. They are totally different from Lunch/Cyrils, $30+ entree places.

        BTW - Jfood would definitely recommend against Gossman's. It is total crap but has the best view on any restaurant in Montauk. Go there for a drink and then drive to a real restaurant. Also check out Montauk Yacht Club for the room.

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          Thanks! Lunch it is. One of our favorite places in the Hamptons generally is Pierre's in Bridgehampton - you could stop in on your way out to Montauk.

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              I second Lunch, that place is sick. As in deliciously sick!

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            Lobster Roll (aka "Lunch" by pretty much everyone because of the big sign) opens in April, so you'll need to look elsewhere. Likewise with Gosman's, but you can still walk the docks (which is the best part, anyway).

            The Laundry is really excellent, but not like any Mom-and-Pop I've ever met outside of France or who aren't named Batali.

            You might have to look hard to find anything truly memorable in Montauk this time of year. The pancake houses in town are open for breakfast, which are ok. You might do better in East Hampton.

            Let us know what you find.

        2. Check out
          You can search by location.
          You'll have to make some calls to see what is open this time of year.

          1. Many years ago, we stopped for some beers, burgers, darts and enjoyed. Since then, I've read some good comments about their food, though I haven't been back yet. Next time I'm out there, certainly will stop in...


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            1. re: MacTAC

              We like O'Murphys also. If I remember correctly, there were two for one dinners on Tuesdays, but that was a while ago. I remember that the bartender drew a Guinness and somehow completed the draw with a shamrock on the top. There is a big St Paddy's day parade out at the east pole, another name for Montauk.

              1. re: Fred19

                They're closed on Tuesdays right now, in case anyone's going out mid-week.

            2. OK here is what is open now until St Pats Parade weekend (March 30 this year).

              O'Murphys Pub: great food , nice atmosphere, and is heated (a consideration out of season)

              Montaukett: off the beaten path, gorgeous view, friendly in a local kind of way. I go for lunch which is only 12 to 2, not sure about dinner. Was there yesterday and they told me wait 10 minutes, a fisherman was coming with fresh caught flounder. It was worth the wait!

              Shagwongs: I don't go there that often, have had bad experiences, but they're open.

              Couple of pizza joints open too, but nothing to go crazy for. Delis scattered around.

              St Peters Catch has been renovating, not sure if he's ready to open yet, if he is, it's a picnic table kind of meal. Really just a fish store.

              Dont' go to Gurneys if you can help it, their baked goods are great but the food not so much. Open every day of the year though. The Lighthouse Cafe at Montauk Point State Park is open weekends with a limited fast food menu.

              Old Harbor House by the train station is steak and fish, he's running specials since he's new. Mixed reviews. The Inlet all the way on the east end of town should be open too, not quite Mom and Pop but opposite Gosmans on the water so you get the view, and great sushi if they have it right now. They supply all the local places with seafood so you can be sure it's the freshest.


              If you can put off your trip until the last weekend of March, you'll catch the parade crowd, everything will be open and it'll be more crowded than in the summer (lots of fun and excitement), but reserve now! Lots of free corned beef.

              For lodging, email me.