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Feb 27, 2008 12:26 PM

Celebration Dinner In Cambridge


My girlfriend and I are celebrating this Friday evening and looking for a place to dine where we can really sit back, relax and spend time over dinner and drinks. We're very open on cuisine, but here's the difficult part, while we want something nice, we are looking for something on the moderate to moderately high side, and not super expensive.


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  1. Harvest
    Chez Henri

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    1. re: saltyair

      "Not super expensive" is obviously pretty subjective, but Harvest and Rialto are out of this range in my mind.

      I agree with Rendezvous, love the idea of Chez Henri, and would also add Central Kitchen, Blue Room, and Green Street to the mix.

      In Somerville, you might also check out Gargoyles and EVOO.

      1. re: finlero

        I think EVOO is the way to go. Oleana is too cramped to be relaxing, and also is getting pricier. I agree that Harvest and Rialto are possibly too expensive, and I'd ad OM and Sandrine's to that list. Green Street seems too casual to me for a celebration, and I wouldn't risk a very long wait at Chez Henri for a celebration either.

        Edit: Oops. Just realized Friday evening is over. Where did you end up?

    2. As I usually respond to requests of this nature, Oleana (Inman) which is nice & dark (a bit cramped) but great menu & knowledgeable staff. Atasca for Portuguese (Kendall), & honorable mention for Rendezvous & Central Kitchen (Central). Cuchi Cuchi is fun & funky but food is average.

      1. Sandrine's in Harvard Square, too.

        1. We love Chez Henri but you can't reserve a table for just two and it can get very busy and hard to get seated. I think Om is glamorous but I don't find it that comfortable and its a bit pretentious. Oleanna has great food but every time we try to get a table at short notice they are booked. I think in the end we eat out at Blue Room the most and for a lively fun meal I think it can't be beat but its not quite relaxing. Most expensive and most intimate is Craigie Street Bistro. Rialto is expensive and the booths are made for giants, not intimate dining. Why isn't there something else out there?