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Feb 27, 2008 12:11 PM

My Restaurant Week

Hello all, looking for opinions on some of the restaurant week participants. Any places to absolutly avoid and cancel the reservation for from my list or any place that is a must go etc. etc. Thank you so much in advance.

Here's the list:

Vox Populi
Ruth's Chris
McCormick & Schmicks

The Wine Cellar
Chex Henri
Petit Robert
Great Bay
Sibling Rivalry
Beacon Hill Bistro
Turner Fisheries
Smith 7 Wollensky's

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  1. I had good RW meals at Meritage and Sibling Rivalry. Not great at S&W, decent lunch at Great Bay, didn't like my one real time at Ruth's Chris. I'd go for places like Excelsior, Mooo, etc. that are normally quite $$ and leave Gaslight, PRB and some more reasonable ones for a regular nite. Unless you realyl like the menu.

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    1. re: Joanie

      Thanks for your thoughts. I just moved to the area and have not been to any of these places except S&W, but that was in NY

    2. Wow, that's alot of eating you're planning on doing. :P
      I personally thought Ruth's Chris was a great deal. I've been there twice for RW, and left satisfied both times. As for RW dinners, i've tried Meritage, Great Bay and Pigalle. Meritage was my favorite - great service and food, although the dessert course was blah. Pigalle was just so-so for me, perhaps we went on a particularly busy night. Great Bay may be the best value - they give out gift vouchers which you can use for a later visit. (Although i'm not sure if this still is the case)

      1. I would definitely cancel Vox... I just don't see it as a fine dining excursion! (Maybe it's going out for one too many drinks there...)

        I'd definitely keep: Icarus (have had two great prix fixe experiences here, one was RW), BHB, Pigalle (one of the most extensive RW lists around).

        If you're trying to whittle (wittle?) your list down, I'd knock off some of the more reasonably priced places-- Wine Cellar (which I'm not a huge fan of), Gaslight & Petit Robert (I actually like both a lot, but you could do a reasonably priced meal at either during non-RW times).

        1. At this point, though, it's also a question of what restaurants still have reservations available. If you're more flexible (willing to eat dinner at 5 or 9:30), it will be easier.

          From your list, I've had excellent RW meals at Excelsior and Pigalle. Very well done, really showcasing what they can do (even if they are using "cheaper" ingredients than they usually would). I have had just ok RW meals at Icarus and Sibling Rivalry, nothing to interest me to go back and pay full price.

          1. Thanks to everyone for their input, I am getting very excited. Crossed off Vox, Gaslight, PRB, and wine cellar on your advice. Probably gonna try everywhere else

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            1. re: venom88

              You may still want to cut some more. I remember one of the first years when it was only a week long, I went out 5 nites in a row and was so sick of it by Fri. It can get to be pretty run of the mill if you cram in too many places.

              1. re: Joanie

                I would def cut the majority on your list and include a couple not listed...
                Vox Populi
                Ruth's Chris
                McCormick & Schmicks
                Turner Fisheries
                Smith 7 Wollensky's
                Petit Robert
                Sibling Rivalry...blech!!!

                Upstairs on the Square
                Sorrelina (room is amazing/food tasy)