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Feb 27, 2008 12:02 PM

Whole Wheat/ Whole Grain bread

I am looking for fresh baked Whole Wheat or Whole Grain bread that is actually 100% whole wheat or whole grain. In most bakeries, whole wheat is just white flour mixed with whole wheat. I know I can buy good loafs of it from the stores, but I am looking for fresh baked rolls or even baguettes. Silvermoon and Grandaisy used to have them, but I haven't seen it lately.

Oh, UWS or Midtown east would be best.


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    check out Orwashers'

    I love this store, great variety

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    1. re: Lettucepray

      i LOVE orwarshers for their rye. Honestly, I have never actually looked at other breads there. Good idea.


    2. Its very difficult to find GOOD 100% whole wheat bread. However Amy's bread sells a supposed 100 percent whole wheat baguette with wheat germ added back in. Its called Troys Whole Wheat Baguette. It is incredible crunchy with a beautiful open crumb. I am pretty sure its advertised as 100%.

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        I second Amy's whole wheat baguettes, they're very good, Tom Cat is my favorite NYC bakery. Their breads always have the right combination of texture, density, sweetness or sourness, and degree of baking. Balthazar and Le Pain Quotidien both have interesting breads but I find them over baked at times. I don't know anything about any of these bakeries bread's wheat content but I remember a bakery now gone that was on 8th street near where Porto Rico Coffee is now many years ago. They had a real wheat bread that was the size of a brick and about the same density. You needed a hack saw to cut it, my teeth couldn't take it. Anybody remember this place?

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          I'm pretty sure balthazar intentionally "over bakes" the bread. It adds beautiful color and a deeper flavor. I have this same approach. They actually have an incredible rye whole wheat which is mind blowing. You can go on their website to check ingredients.
          What do you define as whole grain?

          1. re: BluPlateSpec

            I don't think either Pan Quotidien or Balthazar make the kind of bread the OP is looking for. Eli's makes a whole grain roll. You can buy it at their shop on Third Avenue in the 80s and in a few places around town. Probably Zabars.

            Amy's might bake you rolls by special order. You have to call them 2 days in advance.

          2. re: superburns

            I'm also a fan of the whole wheat baguettes at Amy's, but they get stale SUPER fast. I don't know if that's all baguettes or maybe it's what they're putting in them, but in any case, they're good while they're fresh! They tend to run out early in the day at my location (Bleecker St.), so go early!

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            1. You might also check Tom Cat - I like their whole grain (7 grain) bread. Not sure about the ingredients, though I think it might fit the bill.

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                But where do you purchase TomCat breads?

                1. re: erica

                  I buy mine at Murphy's, a local grocer in Carnegie Hill on Madison and 92nd.

                  Here's a link to their site:


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                    I used to see them at Gourmet Garage. Not sure if GG still carries them.

                2. The above info is good for true, fresh bread. If you want a decent regular bread that's not full of junk, look for Matthew's All Natural breads. You can find them at Fairway, and many other gourmet (and regular) supermarkets in the city.

                  The whole wheat breads have no corn syrup, and the whole grain is the real deal. Nice whole wheat english muffins, too.


                  The only caution: As they contain no preservatives, you'll want to keep these items in a cupboard, if not the fridge. They tend to go moldy within a week or so if you don't.