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Feb 27, 2008 11:58 AM

Lunch and a tasting at the winery

Has anyone tried lunch at Angela's Table at Seghesio Vineyards? Lunch and a tasting sounds like a good concept. Are there other wineries doing this that anyone would recommend?

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  1. not exactly a restaurant, but i've been to franciscan release parties few times in the past. good food (rack of lamb, foie gras pate, beef tartar....etc) and wine with a reasonable price. But, it only happens few times a year.
    (forgot to mention, it's AYCE and AYCD)
    check this site for the schedule...

    1. Due to agricultural zoning restrictions, very few wineries have restaurants. Here's a topic:

      1. Robert Sinskey winery has culinary tours with flights of selected wines. Food is mostly cheeses and charcuterie. The kitchen in the winery is fabulous. (Sinskey's wife is a noted cookbook author.)

        1. Mayo has a great pairing; 7 or 8 courses with wines, for about $25. Screaming deal and the chef was trained by Joachim Splichal of Patina fame.

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            Mayo is on the top of my list of places to stop but I've read that the 7 or 8 courses don't exactly amount to lunch. Brilliant food but you want to plan to grab a sandwich to fill up afterward.

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              Hmmmmm... guess it has changed since I experienced it two years ago; back then, it was more than ample for lunch. Would love to hear of some more recent reports.

          2. No lunch, but a great food and wine pairing experience is available at Swanson's Vineyard in Rutherford. I have done it a few times, and it is an elegant and relaxing experience.
            Here is the info copied from the website(
            Open, by appointment only: Wednesday through Sunday

            Duration: 1 -1.5 hours

            Harvey Tasting (up to 8 guests)

            Explores a bird’s eye view of Swanson wines. We will visit a delightful assortment of our current vintage wines--including the Alexis, along with small batch, unattainable wines known as the Salon Selections, all perfectly paired with individual plates of Swanson caviar, select artisanal cheeses, and our signature Alexis Bonbon. Typically we taste through seven wines.
            $55 per person (Seating times: 11:00am or 1:30pm)