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Feb 27, 2008 11:54 AM

Monkfish "Francaise" - Help me duplicate?

One of my favorite restaurant dishes at the moment is a monkfish francaise at Fraiche in Culver City - it's generally plated as three pieces of the fish over spinach and creamy mashed potatoes and it looks incredibly (deceptively?) simple.

The fish is not heavily floured/egg washed as is called for in most of the chicken francaise recipes I've read, but it is definitely floured and pan crisped, then coated in a gorgeous butter/lemon reduction, with a very light sprinkling of chopped caper.

I've got a lovely monkfish tail ready to go and some general ideas about how to approach it, but I'm wondering if anyone has a go to "francaise" sauce or advice about how to (or how not to) bathe my beautiful fish in lemon buttery goodness. Any and all ideas appreciated...Thanks!

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  1. A sauce Bercy will work, from any classic text, such as David, Beard or Child, and you might consider this a last purchase, as there is not much monkfish left.

    1. When I make a "francaise" at home I usually use a piccata sauce. I usually sautee the meat/fish in a butter EVOO combo and then remove it from the pan and add some stock and white wine and fresh lemon slices and capers... let reduce, add a pad of butter and put the meat/fish back in for a few seconds to coat and serve... delicious!

      1. How much work do you have to do on the fish once you get it home? Do you have to take that grayish membrane off. Should it be pure white?