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Feb 27, 2008 11:45 AM

Favorite Recipes of the Americas (North, South, Central, Etc...)

A good friend of mine has been living in Hong Kong for the past few years and is coming back for his first visit in a long while. I've promised to make him dinner.

Since there are some really great Italian, French, and continental European restaurants in that part of the world, and American food -- esp. South and Central American food -- is, I think, harder to find, I'd like to stick with these cuisines.

Any ideas on what to serve?

Some possibilities I'm toying with (in part b/c I've made them before):

Cider glazed Berkshire pork chops over mashed turnip and potato
Eastern N. Carolina barbecue with tomato and cucumber salad
Arepas stuffed with chicken and aji

I appreciate any and all suggestions!

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  1. It's hard to pick one recipe, but if you have time, try to find The New American Cooking by Joan Nathan. Her general idea is that American food has become so diverse and interesting, and she highlights recipes from different regions and ethnic groups. It might prove to be inspiring for you.

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      I know it's awfully broad, but really all I'm looking for are people's favorites on this board. I guess I could also just click on a bunch of people's links to read what their go-to dinner party dishes are, too!

      What do you really enjoy making for company?

    2. What about like Turkey and dressing Sweet potato's home made Biscuits Now that I bet you can't find in Hong Kong, oh or when I am out of the Us for a long time I always want Mexican food. I live in Texas so it is part of our 4 basic food groups but I always crave it. Chile is another very American dish.

      1. Thanks, A's mom! When I asked on the Asia board, expat Americans all seemed to be craving Mexican, as well. So Mexican it is!

        I'm thinking guacamole, ceviche and cumin-dusted chips for appetizers. Chicken mole for the entree? Enchilladas?

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          You could do a twist on the usual Mexican ceviche and prepare it Peruvian style. Peruvian style (as I've been taught) has corn, cilantro, red onions, lime, chiles, garlic, and seafood of course. I like to use sea bass or other white fish, and sometimes shrimp and scallops too. Mine is always a hit and people like the change of pace from the typical tomato and avocado heavy Mexican version. Then again I live in Arizona, so typical might be different for you. Sounds like a fun party!

          1. re: yamalam

            I'd love a recipe if you have one. I don't make the kind with tomato sauce and avocado, but there are many, many variations, I think. No corn in my version, but I'd love a version that had it!

        2. Sounds great I made red chile enchilads last night thought I made enough for left overs but family ate all of them. You just can't beat them.