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Feb 27, 2008 11:41 AM

frozen yogurt- DFW

Does anyone know if anyone in the DFW area offers the tart, nonfat frozen yogurt (Pinkberry, Red Mango) that is all the hype in California and New York? Here's a story from the New York Times about it.

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  1. Berry Berry in Addison at Belt Line and Midway is from that genre. I think it's pretty good, although I can't speak to other flavors beyond the original. They have a good selection of toppings, fruit usually seems reasonably fresh. Comfy chairs, too!

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      there is a new gelato / frozen yogurt shop called Natsumi that is opening up in the Shops on Henderson (former Jerry's Supermercado). It is modeled after Pinkberry.

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        Good call Carousel. Natsumi is excellent. They're in the "soft opening phase", but I believe they open for real this coming Wednesday. I had some gelato/sorbet there on Saturday and I thought it was quite tasty.

        I think that whole strip is going to rock. Fish City Grill has some of the cleanest, freshest tasting oysters in town and I CAN'T WAIT for Sushi Axiom to open. I peeked through the windows and that place is going to be knocked-out awesome.

        Anyone else out there familiar with what else is going on in the Shops on Henderson?

        1. re: Epicurious Esquire

          Would agree with what has been said about Natsumi. Went in Sunday evening, and to my surprise, yogurt and gelato was free.

          I had the plain yogurt with fresh strawberries and mango. This was my first experience with "tart" frozen yogurt, and I loved it. My wife and daughter split a white chocolate gelato. They raved. I swiped a small taste and liked it as well...but preferred the yogurt. The gelato was creamier than other gelatos I have had here in town, but again, it was very good. I will go back soon.

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            Beside Natsumi gelato + frozen yogurt, the following shops are already opened or about to be opened on Henderson are Paciunella Italian Restaurant, the Fish City Grill, Sushi Axiom and the Capitol Pub, the hair salon and the GLO. I am still not sure what the GLO is (looks like a club)? Does any one know what the GLO stand for ?

            1. re: yofan123

              Glo Lounge.

              It's an ultralounge, specializing in bottle service. It's owned by the guy that used to own Sunset Lounge.

              There are a couple of other spaces that are currently being finished out. Looking forward to what they might be.

              1. re: Epicurious Esquire

                at what point does something become an "ultralounge"

      2. In addition to the ones they mentioned, there a place in Southlake on the main drag called Dragon Berry. I'd recommend Berry Berry first though. It's smoother and It's more likely to be genuine yogurt, because Dragon Berry calls their plain yogurt "original tangy." Berry Berry occasionally offers a Green Tea flavor, but it tastes distinctively of Nestea from a can. I'd stick with the "Yogo" or nothing at all. Both shop's fruit topping always look a bit dessicated, but Berry Berry at least offers little Mochi bites which go very well with the plain. You get to pay the beverly hills price at both though. A medium at Berry Berry is about 3.50 with no toppings.

        1. Bliss frozen yogurt in Lewisville beats berry berry hands down. small independent and simple. They have 2 flavors that rotate, if you can get the peach or passionfruit they rock. THey have great fresh fruit toppings, way fresher than the sad pale 3 day old fruit mix topping I had at berry berry. They even have fresh pomegranate seeds, yum.
          It's in the plaza on the corner of 121 and 35 where best buy and twin peaks are. I highly recommend them, speaking from a "I may have to seek rehab for my yogurt addiction" point of view. Again the name is Bliss. cheers

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          1. re: ginger7949

            I agree with ginger7949!

            Bliss Frozen Yogurt is much better than Berry Berry in Addison. I 1st tried out Berry Berry with high hopes because I just came back from L.A where they have Pinkberry. I was very disappointed. The Yogurts does not have any taste. I tried Bliss Frozen Yogurt in Lewisville is it's was much better.

            1. re: prada0212

              Did you try the plain (at Berry Berry)? the flavored ones are all made with artificial sweetener and do not use the same base.

              1. re: kindofabigdeal

                I tried both the plain and the flavored.

              2. re: prada0212

                I would disagree that BerryBerry has no taste, but Bliss does taste better. It's just more "yogurty." I think that BerryBerry has a much better texture. The bliss yogurt i got was icy like a sorbet (though I've only been once), and every time I've gotten the plain at BerryBerry (about 5 times) it has been smooth like soft serve, while still having good flavor. Overall I still prefer BerryBerry, but just barely.

                1. re: kindofabigdeal

                  KOABD, have you been to Natsumi? I have not been to Bliss or BerryBerry.

                  1. re: kindofabigdeal

                    I had Bliss for the first time last night in Frisco (SE corner of 121/Preston) and I prefer Berry Berry. Bliss was tangier, but the texture was grainy instead of smooth like at Berry Berry. I also had Pinkberry over the weekend while in NYC and really enjoyed it - the fruit was much bigger and ripe than what we get here locally.

                2. re: ginger7949

                  I third the rec for Bliss. My wife and I shared the small plain as we thought it would go better with toppings. The toppings selections (we skipped the cereal and nut options) and went for the fruit. There was about 6-7 choices: raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, mango, banana and kiwi...maybe one or two more. This was all fresh fruit and not from a can or suspended in a syrup. The young lady behind the counter was very generous with our mango topping, well worth the $0.85 a scoop. The mango was to the perfect ripeness. For $3.55 it was a nice way to round of an evening. The store hours are 9 or 10 am to 11pm every night. We talked to the young lady (Korean or Japanese) for a while and asked her about the store. She stated that there are two other locations one in Cedar Hill, I would imagine in the new center along 67, and in Plano close to CCCC on the east side. She said they don't have a website and their wasn't a menu. I believe they have a fruit flavor that changes daily. The place is modern in the design with 60's retro bar stools and to match the tables. There are two comfy couches and 4-6 leather love seats. Other than these accoutrements the place is pretty spartan, perhaps they might add wi-fi, TV or music.

                  1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                    the owner of Bliss introduced himself some months ago on


                    more details on Bliss here:


                3. I've been going to Natsumi fairly regularly. It rocks. I love the decor - everytime I walk in I feel like I'm entering a spaceship or some such.

                  I had the ACE of Hearts smoothie the other day and it rocked. Raspberries, Strawberries and Goji Berries. Super delicious, slightly tart and ultrahealthy.

                  The Pink Guava sorbet is delicious, as is everything else I've had. I'm not familiar with some of the other local concepts listed in this thread, but I have been to Pinkberry (only 1 time) in LA, and I think Natsumi compares very favorably.

                  Anyone else been recently?

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                  1. re: Epicurious Esquire

                    I agree w/ E. Esq. Great design and great gelato. Have yet to try the frozen yogurt but will do so in the near future.

                    1. re: carousel

                      carousel and E. Esq you two absolutely right. I checked out Natsumi and I think the design is the best in Dallas. I tried the Chocolate+Almond Gelato and I like it more than any other Gelato place I've ever been to. I love the Natsumi Gelato so much that I never had a chance to try the Frozen Yogurt yet...maybe next visit.

                      1. re: yofan123

                        wow, yofan123, that's awesome that you joined chowhound just so you could share your enthusiasm for Natsumi! so you say you like it more than any other Gelato place and the design is the "best in dallas"? better than, say, adam tihany's design of charlie palmer? or better even than fountain place by i.m. pei? it must be pretty darn fabulous to get that kind of rave! wow.

                  2. there's this place in southlake called DRAGON BERRIES, it's the yummiest yogurt i have ever tasted. i love the ORIGINAL TART, freshest fruits. they also serve smoothies and BOBA tea (mmmm..;). my fav is the original tart with strawberries and mango..anyway i heard they were opening another one up in Arlington this summer. i frequent DRAGON BERRIES with my husband several times a week.

                    KOABD, I would have to disagree with you, DB does sell genuine yogurt. It's not the powder mixes (which I don't think have live cultures and thus cannot be called yogurt). They have fresh fruits daily. On several occassions I have seen them cut up the fruits to refill their toppings table. Berry Berry's strawberries taste like they've added some sort of sweetener and does not taste fresh.

                    What's great is at Dragon Berries, you pay for what you get...literally. You fill up as much as you want and then pay only $0.50/oz, toppings and all.


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                    1. re: morechoos

                      I'm glad you've confirmed that, but I never said they don't have yogurt, the name "original tart" just made me wonder. With regards to what is actual yogurt or not, as long as it is cultured by actual bacteria it is yogurt. Their presence in the final product doesn't really matter, and even the frozen yogurt of TCBY and such places is genuine yogurt. For me it all comes down to taste. When I stopped by there they didn't have any made so I wasn't able to get more than a sample-spoonfull. What I did have was a bit icier, like I think bliss is (though some disagree). Of course, this may be appealling to some.

                      1. re: kindofabigdeal

                        I'm sure it's named "original tart" to emphasize that the yogurt is similar to Pinkberry, which has a tart flavor.

                        I'm from LA, so I'm curious to try this place and compare it to Pinkberry, Red Mango and Yogurtland. First thing I'll look for: To see if they have fresh strawberries and mochi in their toppings bar. Bonus points if they have Fruity Pebbles.

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                          I've only seen mochi at Berry Berry, but I haven't been to natsumi. I think you'll find fruity pebbles at Bliss. I'm pretty sure I saw cocoa pebbles at least. None of the fruit at any of the places struck me as particularly fresh, but its february of course.