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Feb 27, 2008 11:30 AM

H-mart, New Asian Grocery Store in Carrollton

Wanted to let the community know about a new Korean grocery store called H-mart in Carrollton at the intersection of Old Denton and George Bush that opened up mid-February. I believe it is part of a national chain. Lots of good produce, huge meat and seafood section, bakery, and there is even a food court. It's pretty nice and clean, kind of with a "Whole Foods" look to it. Rather than just occupying an old grocery store, it was rebuilt in an old Mervyn's space. I can't wait to see what else springs up in that shopping center. Anyone else visited yet?

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  1. We went last week on a Tuesday night it was so busy you could hardly walk. You need to spend a lot of time when you go it has an amazing selection, I think just the rice asile alone must have had at least 50 varities. I can't wait to go back and check out the food court.

    1. I'm lucky enough to live right around the corner from the new store. I am truly happy about the slection of veggies, fruits, meat and fish. The bakery looks great even though I'm not a big fan of baked goods. I'm hispanic so the produce department is definitely a big deal to me but I was surprised to find a nice little hispanic section with a decent variety. Those prices were a bit high but it beats driving a few miles down the road for the same stuff. The food court has a nice selection of Asian 'fast' foods but there isn't nearly enough seating. In the food court you really have to compromise your personal space if you want to even walk through to get a peak at the menus. Twice I've gone on a weekday and I decided not to eat there because it's kind of hard to eat Tempura Noodle soup standing up! I did see a small table open up and I was (literally) pushed aside by someone who nabbed the table right out from under me. In the main part of the store, it's not unusual to be pushed around by someone's shopping cart - also on purpose!! So, if you have a problem with elbow to elbow shopping, this is not the place for you. As a teen, I lived in Mexico for awhile and am used to aggressive shopping in the market place so I can hang but it definitely takes getting used to. In any case, I am VERY happy it's there and I think WalMart, just across the street will really feel the pinch - especially in the departments i mentioned.

      1. Oh.. I meant to ask. Did anyone get a flyer in the mail or in the paper this week? I'm going to stop by the store this morning to get one.

        By the way, their ads run from Friday to Thursday. I hope that changes - that didn't work well for Albertsons who went back to Wed-Tues ads to fall in place with the competition.

        1. I've been three times this week!!! I live right around the corner, and I am soooo happy that this is the neighborhood I chose to move into this past year! so many great food opportunities.
          The bakery is great, good coffee too - they have these peanut butter buns that will cure any craving! yum. I still haven't been able to get a seat in the food court, I might try again today, I did notice for fast-ish food the prices are high. But from the looks of the crowd, it's well worth it. Their kitchen equipment selection alone is worth the trip. They are also raffling off a mercedes SUV and giving away a free bowl or dish to every customer at the cash register. FUN FUN FUN! I only wish I knew more about Kim chee because the deli area with all the different types looks amazing. I'll have to do some trial and error.

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            Hum very interesting the ASSI Korean market in Plano is raffling off a BMW. I am not sure what it is with German cars and Korean markets :-)

            I just simply have an addiction to stir fried dried anchovies with chili. I pretty much eat it like pop corn. I go in an order it at ASSI, they get it ready for me the next day.

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              The owner of El Fuego is wanting some of these anchovies. What do you call them? I promised her some next time I come in, for some information on a chapulines source.

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                Lewisville, when did you become friends with the owner of El Fuego?!!

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                  When I went the first time and ever comes naturally!

          2. Ahh, I can't wait until the Green Line extends this December so I can ride the DART over there.