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Feb 27, 2008 11:30 AM

Where to? Churrascaria Riodizio ( Roslyn Heights) or Plataforma (Manhattan)

I broke down that the two best in the city are these two places. Which one would you recommend?

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  1. Plataforma -- make sure not to eat too much from the center "bar" or you'll become too full to enjoy the roving meat servers. And be SURE to take lots of money (or a credit card with a high limit) -- you'll spend a fortune! It's only interesting if you and your fellow diners wish to gorge beyond a reasonable quantity of animal protein.

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      Dont discount the middle bar at Plattaforma, the seafood is excellent!!

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        also be sure to check your bill carefully. the couple of times i've been, they've played fast and loose with the drinks section of the check and added a big (over 20%) gratuity which was not specified as such.

      2. Some recent comments about Plataforma that you should keep in mind.

        1. I've been to Plataforma and really enjoyed it, but we also like Greenfield Churrascaria, out in Corona, Queens. It's a bit of a hike by train (110th St. on the 7 train, then you have to walk 6+ blocks), but if you drive it's a pretty quick trip on Northern Blvd. The salad bar is not as nice as Plataforma, but they have a hot buffet with several interesting dishes and soups, etc. Plus a big wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano that they hack chunks off of - I got my money's worth in cheese alone the last time we went! The meat tends to be of decent quality and of course, huge variety. It's only $27 per person in comparison to $60 per person at Plataforma, which may influence your decision.

          1. Plataforma is not good. Lots of people might go, lots of people might like it but the same could be said of Applebee's.
            We used to go many years ago, it was quite good, then worse and worse and EVERYONE I went with agreed, regardless of their level of knowledge. So, after 2-3 years it was off the list. I really doubt anything has improved but at least the price went up.
            I would say these type of ethnic restaurants are better outside Manhattan. In this instance, they certainly are not up to par within the boundary.

            I hope Riodizio is enjoyable.