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Feb 27, 2008 11:29 AM

Oak Cliff - Party/Happy Hour spots

Can any Chowhounders recommend a good spot in Oak Cliff for a group of 15-20 young professionals to gather for a happy hour/going away party for a friend who is leaving the area? I live in Dallas but spend so little time in the O.C. that I figured someone on here would have a better recommendation than I could come up with using the phone book.


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  1. El Fenix on Colorado
    El Ranchito on Jefferson
    I think there is a bar in Bishop Arts or I think Cafe Madrid just opened a second location there...I provided the link for that area

    1. I think one of your best options is BarBelmont at the Hotel Belmont and if the weather is nice you can sit on the patio and have a great view of downtown.

      Other than that you can try Tillman's or Beckley Brewhouse.

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      1. re: MarcusB

        I am going to agree with Tillman's or Beckley and add on to that The Quinn, just a block off of Bishop.

        1. re: simply_victoria

          In my response I should have mentioned that I don't know "The Quinn".

          SV, what is it and why did you recommend it?

          1. re: Epicurious Esquire

            Its a new bar just a block east of Bishop. Has a very nice atmosphere, big deck, and for a bar, lovely food. I'm picky about hummus and I ate a platefull this weekend. And I know they would be very accomodating of any events.

            I do have to add the back blue room at Tillman's is stunning and I'm just waiting for when I have an occasion to use it.

        2. re: MarcusB

          In my opinion, your ONLY option is the Bar Belmont at the Hotel Belmont. It has the best view of Dallas (absolutely gorgeous), it is trendy without being ridiculous and it has the right atmosphere for a going away party.

          Not to knock anyone else's recommendations (I love Tillman's and I LOVE El Ranchito), but none of the other recommendations has the type of "special" or "noteworthy" atmoshphere necessary to make the going away party special.

          Bar Belmont does.

          1. re: Epicurious Esquire

            Well not frequenting the Oak Cliff area that often I went with what has been around since down there last time. I was unaware that the Hotel Blemont had been open. It has been about a year since I was there last. We went at night and headed straight for Bishop Arts (Veracruz Cafe). I am glad to know now there is a part spot in Oak Cliff. No offense taken to the bashing of my recs we all do it at some point! It is good to know someone else actually gets down to El seems like on this board Cafe San Miguel is only go to place for Mexican cuisine!

            1. re: DallasFoodieNumber1

              El Ranchito freaking rocks. It is by far my favorite Mexican spot in town. Cafe San Miguel is a little too antiseptic for my tastes, although I have enjoyed the food I've eaten there.

              What I especially like about El Ranchito is how wasted I get every time I go. I don't think I could verbalize what it is, but I am compelled to drink my body weight in tequila every time I go.

              No, I'm not kidding.

              Anyways, Bar Belmont is absolutely one of the "coolest" places in town. I think it annihilates any other hotel bar in town, especially as it pertains to the view.

              Well, the view at The Ghost Bar is pretty nice too, and I'm not just talking about the waitresses skimpy outfits.

              1. re: Epicurious Esquire

                I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to Dallas so I will probably check out Bar Belmont and end up never going to Victory Park except for a sporting event or concert. Just not to impressed with the hype and so far the food is fair at Victory Park from what I have read.

                1. re: DallasFoodieNumber1

                  Victory is mediocre at best.

                  Hopefully it gets better as more residential units are filled.

        3. I agree with the Belmont. We take out-of-towners there all the time. It's not what people are expecting. And if you're leaving Dallas, what better way to celebrate, with that beautiful skyline right over your shoulder?

          1. Thanks everyone for the recs -- I think Bar at the Belmont is the winner. The guest of honor expressed some reservations about it b/c of it's layout -- but I think it will be fine.