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Feb 27, 2008 11:29 AM

The best Churrascaria in NYC and Long Island

Right now I have boiled it down to Churrascaria Riodizio ( Roslyn Heights) or Plataforma (Manhattan)

What is your opinion.

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  1. Can't help, because I haven't been, yet, but am planning on going. What made those the best, and have your tried others that were not as good? If so, which ones, so I will avoid. Thanks for the help.

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    1. re: supermansid

      I like the one on Hudson in tribeca myself

      1. re: eminencerouge1

        I went to plataforma and was pleased in 52cnd b.e. 8/9th I am told from some friends that they dont think its the best. Going to another one. Any thoughts? I prefer to stay in manhattan.

        1. re: bombadilio

          Bairrada isn't as good as it least it wasn't for me the last two times I went. The meat they slid down the skewer onto my plate definitely paled in comparison to previous visits. I'm gonna give it another shot, though. Perhaps I had two off nights in a row?

      2. Riodizio is nada compared to Churrascaria Bairrada on Long Island, imho.
        My family gets take out from them at least once every two weeks or so and not only are the guys who run the place friendly, but the food's also awesome!

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        1. re: capt mern

          My last visit to Rodizio in Roslyn was excellent...the meat was wonderful and they were serving whole suckling pig which was outrageous...kept grabbing the guy with the cart to get more.