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Feb 27, 2008 11:11 AM

ditch plains for dinner?

We're thinking of going Friday around 7:30 with a group of 5. Is it crowded? And what's your favorite dish there? Thanks!

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  1. The food is really avarage at best, I hear people talking Lobster Roll which was so-so...go to Pearl Oyster Bar and then drop into Ditch Plains for drinks...good luck.

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    1. re: Hungry Brooklyn Mike

      Darn - now you've given me a POB craving ....!

      1. re: MMRuth

        ugh...skip pearl and go somewhere good...i like ed's...though service has been spotty lately.

        as for ditch plains...horrible...not for me.

        1. re: sam1

          What do you like better about Ed's? I've always loved POB and haven't tried any other places - other than Tides, which was disappointing.

          1. re: MMRuth

            ive found that pearl's shoves you in yr spot, always rushes you, and most importantly, the lobster roll tastes like its straight from a giant bucket.

            thats my experience and i wont go there anymore.

            ed's...surprisingly, is a beautiful spot...particularly the long bar. the lobster roll has less mayo and the bun is just delicious. the fries are better in my opinion too. staff is relatively cordial...though my last meal the waiter was a bit incompetent.

            tides i liked the one time i went but its not the same type of place nor was i particularly amazed by it either.

            1. re: sam1

              Fortunately I've never had the rushing problem at Pearl - we always go early and sit at the bar. But I *may* branch out and try Ed's! For some reason the accusations of his copying POB bother me....

      1. I thought Ed's was good, I would even say in league with POB. Good roll and similar quality portion to POB. While it is true POB gets crowded, I've never been rushed out and always found the service friendly. Also, Ed's is not exactly a big place; the back room is pretty boxy and tight. I do agree about Ditch Plains...pretty bad...

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        1. re: Hungry Brooklyn Mike

          Can't speak for Ed's or Ditch Plains, but we ate at Pearl's Oyster Bar this evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. For apps we enjoyed crunchy flavorful fried oysters in pillows of house made tartar with tiny chunks of tomato, cucumber, and dill pickle on the shell, and Prince Edward's mussels in a light mustard cream sauce - so delicious we were sopping up the sauce with our bread! For entrees we chose two of the daily specials: a whole grilled dorada accompanied by a colorful variety of grilled vegetables (fennel, tomato, mushroom, green beans, red onion, zucchini) and a pan cooked striped bass with brussels sprouts with bacon and root vegetables, cubed tiny (is that tiny cubing a Manhattan trend?).

          We didn't feel rushed, perhaps because we're comfortable claiming our seats as paying customers, though I did note out of the corner of my eye that our progress was checked on frequently. Service might have been brusque, but polite.

          Our neighbors had the lobster roll and only raved - not too much mayo, they said, and nice big bites of lobster. Everyone around us seemed to be ordering the famed lobster rolls!

          See attached photos. As satisfied out-of-towners, we humbly recommend POB.

        2. I just thought I'd pile on to the Ditch Plains bashing. It's indeed not very good.

          1. I like this place - especially the spicy coronas. I like the crab dip & mussels with chorizo. Also liked a few bites of lobster roll - a little too much tarrgon for me to eat the whole thing. The fish tacos were pretty tasty, and so was the make & cheese. I personally like have a few appetizzers there more than the mains.