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[msp] butcher shop/local meat/etc

(now that i'm through giggling about the phrase "local meat...")

i have been adrift about this topic since i moved out of loring park and johnson meats closed down. i usually get decent-enough stuff from kowalski's or lund's or even cub on occasion, but i miss having a proper butcher shop!

i know there have to be good spots for high-quality meat--even, maybe, some locally produced stuff--but i don't know where!

help a carnivoress out, folks!

oh, and if it helps, i'm in northeast minneapolis now--which seems like JUST the neighborhood for such a thing--but i am willing to make a trip for such a luxury.


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    1. You could try Von Hansen's- multiple locations around town. Otherwise, Widmer's Supermarket in St. Paul has a great meat counter. Widmer's is on the corner of St. Clair and Prior (just up the block from the Groveland Tap).

      1. Hackenmueller Meats in Robbinsdale, and its not far from NE, they have a fleet of great butchers, and all there meats are great.

        1. Don't need to go all the way to Robbinsdale when there's Ready Meats on Johnson & 36th in NE.

          Ready Meats
          3550 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

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            i'd go to ready meats if i lived in northeast. for high end, local stuff clancy's can't be beat, but it's pricier & further away.

          2. Try Everett's. The best ribeyes in the Twin Cities!

            Everett's Foods
            1833 E 38th St, Minneapolis, MN

            1. Personally, I go to Von Hansons. Sure, they might not be your classic butcher shop, but their prices are almost always better and the meat quality is phenomenal.

              1. Thousand Hills Cattle has piqued my interest as I had some outstanding samples at the Convention Center a week or so back.

                From their website it looks like you can hoof it to any number of retail locations, get deliveries via SimonDelivers or order direct.


                Has anyone ordered direct? I'd be interest in hearing about the experience and what you thought of the product.


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                  i would endorse any of thousand hills' products, they are ime stellar. the cuts are available at the co-ops and are featured on menus of a lot of the local restaurants that have more local sourcing. grass-fed beef needs a "lighter" hand when cooking (less time on high heat). i haven't personally ordered direct from them, though.

                2. Since you're in NE, Ready Meats will be the closest, but if you're up for a drive, I'd recommend the Anoka Meat market. I like their products better than Ready's and they have better selection of smoked meats and beef sticks. I don't know how much or their meat is pasture-raised or local, but they do have some kind of Amish chickens which I think are great. http://anokameats.com/

                  Anoka Meat and Sausage
                  478 West Main Street, Anoka, MN 55303