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Chinese Dumplings - Sat nite

My bro is a big potsticker / dim sum fan and ive seen numerous posts on places from china town to monterey park...kind of confused -- i know some open morning, some night...what's the best joint to go to on saturday night that will blow my bro's mind...big eaters and he's looking for something adventurous and fun...we've been to the dim sum places downtown and in sf with the carts but i seem to remember them being open in the mornings only...having other good chinese food like crabs/lobsters a plus...

thanks chowhounds.

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  1. Thanks and I think you just did -- dumplings and chinese food for sat night...

    pls go easy on me and your help appreciated

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      For dumplings, your best bet are either Dumplings 10053 or Lucious Dumplings.

      Fellow Chowhound Bon Vivant has done a fabulous job writing (and chronicling) both places, see links below.



      Enjoy wherever you end up.

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        Doesn't Lucious Dumplings close its doors when they run out of dumplings?
        Either way, I much prefer and really like Dumpling 10053. Delicious, lots of variety, and lots of other items on the menu besides dumplings (not crab/lobster).

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          Lucious Dumplings is delicious, but they do only make a certain amount each night and when they run out that is it. If we go there, we try to get there at around 6-7PM. Usually by 8PM there are only a few things left on the menu. Its worth it though, they are yummy.

          I also enjoy the dumplings at Mei Long Village. And the beef stew soup.

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            Yes, Luscious Dumplings does close their doors, so it is advisable to go early.

      2. Yeesh, ipsedixit, don't jump down his throat.

        To jessejames -- you can get dumplings but you can't really get dim sum. You might be able to get some from a takeaway place like Yum Cha Cafe in the San Gabriel Superstore but your best bet is someplace like Dumpling 10053 or even Green Village, where you can get dumplings AND things like pork pump (it's part of the leg, don't ask about the name, but do call to reserve one if you want it so they don't run out), or fantastic bean curd with pork (they're tied tofu noodles with this AMAZING pork sauce). You can also get lion-head meatballs and red-cooked eggplant, both of which are very good.

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          thank you everyone for your comments and insight -- i look forward to reading more and reporting back to the chowhounds!

        2. Most Shanghai restaurants will have both dumplings and other food for dinner. My personal favorite is J&J Shanghai, 301 W. Valley Blvd. in San Gabriel. I think the xiao long bao are the best in town (both pork, and pork and crab), and the fried dumplings or buns are among the best in town. I've liked everything else I've had there as well. In the same place, just a few shops down, is Mei Long Village, which has a bigger menu and excellent food, although I still prefer J&Js XLB. Green Village, across Valley Blvd on the second floor of the strip mall, has excellent Shanghai food, although I think their dumplings aren't so great.

          Pa Pa Walk in the strip mall where the Hilton is - just a bit east of the one with J&J and Mei Long Village, has a good selection of Taiwanese food and dumplings.

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            I think pan fried dumplings or "pot stickers" count. I would also add Mandarin Noodle Deli at 9537 Las Tunas in Temple City and Mandarin Noodle House at 701 W Garvey in Monterey Park. Both of these are smaller and casual but their soups, pot stickers and scallion pancakes are delicious. I also like Mei Long Village and agree that they do have an extensive menu. Din Tai Fung really hits a nerve with people but I still like it but if you don't time it just right especially on a Saturday night, you will be waiting for a very long time.

          2. if you are looking for good boiled dumplings or potsticker, look no further than dumpling house in temple city. it's located on rosemead blvd, a couple blocks south of las tunas.

            they also have a bunch of other chinese eats such as green onion pancakes, meat and vegetable dishes, various noodles (not a huge fan), etc.

            1. Here are my recommendations:

              Shanghai: generally have dumplings and some really good main dishes. I would say that these are your best bets.
              Mei Long Village

              Both are located in the same mini-mall, and parking gets a little crazy. Here are my reviews: http://www.geocities.com/raytamsgv/ch...

              Northern Chinese: A bit heavier than Shanghai food with an emphasis on noodles and wheat-based foods.
              Dumpling House (Temple City
              )Mandarin Deli

              Here are my reviews: http://www.geocities.com/raytamsgv/ch...

              Dumplings: These feature primarily dumplings with a limited number of side dishes. The cooking styles are rather diverse.

              Luscious Dumplings
              Dumpling 10053

              Here are my reviews: http://www.geocities.com/raytamsgv/ch...

              1. 101 Noodle Express on Valley Blvd. Written up in LA Weekly by J. Gold a while back.

                Must get the Beef Roll
                Get 1 or 2 Bowls of a soup
                Then order some of the dumplings/xlb's dumplings with broth the pork w pumpkin, shrimp & pork, pork, scallop, it is all good

                The location is hard to find, it is in a long strip of places, the numbers are weird, because you change cities around there.

                101 Noodle Express
                1408 E Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801

                1. Not much to add here, except:

                  1) if you only want dumplings, you really can't do better than Luscious Dumplings
                  2) if you want a lot of choices, you may want to do Mei Long Village. Their menu is pretty comprehensive, and their xlb (juicy/soup dumplings) is good. I saw crab on their menu (with rice cakes, no less), but I haven't tried. If you actually have room afterwards, you can walk over to Beard Papa and get some cream puffs too.

                  Most lobster (stir-fried) tends to be Cantonese seafood restaurants. At least those are the ones I think do the best job, so unless you go to dim sum at lunchtime you won't find dumplings (ala the cantonese dim sum type like har gow) along with lobsters. If you want to try a great dim sum place you can check out Elite. I have never tried ordering lobster there during dim sum time though (only at Sea Harbour for congee), but probably can be done.

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                    Thank you for your suggestions...we're going to the luscious dumplings on all of your recommendations...seems like a small menu so we'll just try most of it -- any suggestions as to hits/misses(if any), lemme know ... thanks again!

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                      we loved luscious dumplings - esp. the fried pork dumplings which we ate the house out of literally much to the chagrin of the folks outside. thank you chowhounds