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Feb 27, 2008 10:51 AM

maya- 64th and 1st

going there next week for the 1st time, just wondering about any must/must not haves and general impressions of the place.....

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  1. Ive only been for margarita happy hour (theyre very tasty) but i live in the neighborhood and have only heard good things. I know they have an app that involves sliced watermelon thats supposed to be delicious- though come to think of it, that may be seasonal.

    1. Maya is a wonderful choice. I love their margaritas and their guacamole. I have eaten there 4-5 times and the food has been consistently good. The atmosphere has a nice mexican vibe but it is very noisy and the tables are close together. The filet is delicious and flavorful and I've had several different fishes, all of which were excellent. The taco appetizers were very good too. Enjoy!

      1. Maya's food is great; I've dined there probably 30+ times and I've never had a bad dish or meal.

        Friends have expressed sticker shock, however, so be prepared. It is not inexpensive.

        1. I have not been in a long time but my standbys were the corn soup and the pork chop.