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Where are all the Jewish Deli's in Philly?

Being from Florida, you cannot go 3 blocks without tripping over some little deli in a stripmall or tucked just off US1.. Aside from Famous 4th's, I have not really found much in Philly. While we have plenty of breakfast spots and diners, I'm looking more for something along the lines of Mrs. Marty's (in Broomall) up here in the city. I'm sure there are plenty in the suburbs, just seeing if I am missing something in south philly or in the NE. Any suggestions?

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  1. I like the Casino Deli 2425 Welsh Rd. right off Roosevelt Blvd. Good corned beef, excellent brisket dinner, cabbage borscht (no beets), pea soup. Fast, friendly service, good prices. See their menu here:

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      Jack's Deli on Bustleton AVe, between Welsh and Grant--closer to Grant, had been a favorite of our when we lived in N. E. PHilly. Haven't been there in ages, but it was reliable for corned beef, all sorts of sandwiches. It would feel like a step back in time to me--not modern; been there forever.

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        Jack's is way south of Welsh or Grant - it's 8500 north on Bustleton. It's not like it used to be - what is? - but someone told me she had a good corned beef sandwich there recently. It's still a busy place.

        We have yet to find a good Jewish deli in town. Every so often, my husband makes the trek to the northeast to Famous, on Krewstown Road, to buy great lox and corned beef. They have a restaurant, but it's not very good.

        There are two delis close together on Montgomery Ave - Hymie's and Murray's. I used to meet a friend at Hymie's and have their very good cabbage borsht. They are not far in from City Ave.

    2. Kibitz in the City on Chestnut is ok and the pastrami at the deli at the Reading Terminal Market is probably the best in town.

      Of course, this could always be a good excuse for a trip to Katz's in NYC.

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        Your best bet for delis is going to be in the burbs.
        Within one block of each other are two giants:
        Hymies and Murray's in Bala-Cynwyd

      2. All the kids here at Penn rave about Izzy and Zoe's. I stick with my wawa hoagie so I can't vouch for it, but people love it.

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          Izzy & Zoe's? Meh. It's good, but I think those in that area would agree that Koch's is the true deli spot (and only 3 blocks farther west). :)

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            I've heard Koch's is really good too.. slipped my mind. I've never been to either however.

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              I agree -- for good deli meat, Koch's definitely. Izzy and Zoe's might carry a little more of the random Jewish deli products like pickles and kugel.

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              When I was at Penn (70's), Koch's was the Holy Grail. The line was often out the door, and while Louis and Bobby were busy making over-stuffed sandwiches, their mom almost always passed out sliced meats and cheeses for all those in line to do a little noshing, sometimes so much that by the time it was my turn to order I was no longer hungry, and would take my sandwich home and stash it in the fridge for later. Well, maybe the second half.

            3. There;s an In the Bag in Maple Glen which makes great sandwiches, take out only. Ben and Irv's in Huntingdon Valley is your best bet for take out and dining in, well done. Also, Pumpernicks on Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville serves decent food, albeit, a little on the light side. For $14.00, you can get their monster sandwich, their deli is meh!

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                The best part about Pumpernick's is the pickle bar. Decent half dill's, pickled cabbage, etc. And its free with any sandwich. Beats Ben and Irv's bowl which varies in size and composition depending on who brings it to you.

                Ben and Irv has decent but not great nova and whitefish salad. They do the standard brunch platters, with sturgeon etc. Their bagels are ok, but not NY quality. They do have good sourdough rye, and decent soups.

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                  agree about Pumpernick's pickles. Forgot all about that. Matzoh Ball soup is a passion of mine, there's is not bad. I used to love the Matzoh Ball soup at Country Club Diner in the NE but that is hit or miss. Being a corned special addict, I am still looking for the ultimate one that doesn't cost $14.00. The "normal" corned beef special at Pumpernick's is a little light for my tastes.

              2. I'm not a Jewish deli expert by any means, but Rachael's Nosheri in Philadelphia has some great sandwiches!

                1. Hershels in the RTM makes a great sandwich. There's a kosher deli on 12th between samson and walnut..i forget the name though..

                  1. We love Pumpernick's! I think they are heads above In The Bag. We use Pumpernick's regularly for catered lunches and we have never been disappointed. It is the first place I think of when I get hungry for nova

                    1. jl0328 Responding to your post about In the Bag. We just got some deli there last Friday, corned Beef and Roast Beef, my traditional favorites. The corned beef, again, was dry and tasteless. Also, they switched their potato salad from the thin sliced to the thick, chunky style, which I despise. Also, I cannot get a chopped liver kinish there, what the...I stand corrected. In the Bag is OUT!

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                        Yeah, I am totally over In the Bag too... I always find their sandwiches to be dry, and agree 100% that they never should have changed the recipe for the red bliss potato salad. It used to be SO good.

                        In the area, Pumpernick's is THE place for a good corned beef or pastrami sandwich IMO. Better yet is the deli in Reading Terminal Market... was actually there this past weekend and had a corned beef special that knocked my socks off! Way way way better than 4th street.

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                          The service at Pumpernicks is good. The sandwiches, although good, are a little light for the price. It was different when they 1st opened. I go there on occassion because I like their food better than Famous 4th Street. The sandwiches at Famous were dry and very little flavor. Will probably Koch's. There was a chain establishment in Willow Grove called Jason's Deli. Great food and sandwicches but they are closed now.

                          Pumpernick's Deli
                          917 Bethlehem Pike, North Wales, PA 19454

                          Jason's Deli
                          3610 Welsh Rd, Willow Grove, PA 19090

                      2. Koch's, at 4309 Locust, in W. Philadelphia, is the best. But it's a carry-out only.

                        1. It's just plain depressing here. There are Jewish enclaves all over the Philly area, but we suffer from a lack of delis, that is for sure!

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                            Having grown up in NE Philly, Jack's was definitely the deli. Now the place is kind of shabby but they still do an incredible job if you're in need of catering, especially shiva trays.

                            Now if I'm in the 'hood, I buy from Famous on Krewstown and bring home. It's a bit salty but the food is always fresh. It can be a zoo on the weekends but I kind of like that vibe. Reminds me of my childhood. In a good way.

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                              I lived in Somerton for 14 years and Jack's was THE place to go - especially at 3 a.m. with an attack of the munchies after a certain kind of party. I remember the onion rings - a huge oval platter that was impossible to finish (even with four diners) so you offered them to newly seated patrons. Only one refused. Sorry to hear that its on the decline.

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                              Yes, definitely a dearth of really good Jewish Delis in Philly. Seems to be a duplicity of issues regarding this, at least in my mind. First comes the memory trick; thing where better then. Of course those whom have had great New York Deli have a high standard set. One of the Food Channel shows, not sure if it was Anthony, noted a decline in the number of good Jewish Delis in NYC. But of course on the NYC front that would only mean walking a few additional blocks for your Corned Beef and pickles. As gardens noted with all the Jewish enclaves and those who love their deli; why is it so difficult to find a really great deli? I do look forward to giving those mentioned a try, thanks.

                            3. About once a month, my husband drives from center city to Famous on Krewstown Road in the northeast. (Not related to the Famous downtown.)
                              He gets the best lox anywhere!
                              They now have a large produce section, so he comes home with good tomatoes, fruit, etc.
                              All this is at a much lower price than anywhere near town.
                              Worth it!

                              1. Famous 4th St is really a good Jewish deli. I haven't found better quality smoked/cured fish, corned beef or pastrami anywhere around here. I went to Schlesinger's recently and it was very disappointing, though cheaper than Famous. I will need to check out Famous Krewstown for salmon per slyviag's rec.

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                                  we had breaakfast at Jack's this yesterday(saturday) and it was fine! I was glad to see they had a pretty big breakfast crowd. Fast, cheap and delish bagels. husband got lox omlette and we bought a dozen bagels to go (for $6, half teh price of Delancy street and just as good) then we went to famous on Krewstown to buy lox, kugel, knishes etc...for dinner. Steve Stein's Famous is worth the pilgrimage every time! and sylvia is correct about the produce --he has a whole separate room of fresh fruit at very cheap prices (plus milk, cream cheese, hummus etc) you can get it all done in one swoop.