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Where to find sweet potato fries?

I've been craving to have some sweet potato fries, or any time of good sweet potato preparation. Where in SF is a good place to find them?

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  1. I just had quite crispy and delicious ones at Pacific Catch on 9th and Lincoln. The rest of the food was pretty good, but not exciting.

    1. Taylor's Refresher in the Ferry Building. It's not my favorite place, but the sweet potato fries are good.

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        We really like their sweet potato fries -- we have them every time we are in the Ferry Building. We get the rest of dinner at the French place, get the fries, and then feast.

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          I had their sweet potato fries yesterday for lunch. I was disappointed :( However, it might not be that the sweet potato fries were bad, rather the fried fish was. Let me explain.

          I saw they had fish and chips on the menu, so I asked to subsitude regular fries with the sweet potato kind, they let me for a dollar more. The fish was was a huge disappointment, so oily. And sitting on top of my sweet potato fries, it made the fries soggy. I looked at other people's sweet potato fries and they looked way better as an a la carte order.

          I've learned my lesson!

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            In addition to trying them again, a la carte, it is worthwhile to ask for them to be cooked "extra crispy" to ensure they're not soggy. I think there is a button on the cash register for that request!

        2. New. At Trader Joe's. In the frozen section. Just bake and serve. I sampled them last weekend served with cranberry chutney... interesting combination and they were really pretty good.

          1. You could try Zebulon. I haven't been there recently, but I remember they were tasty.

              1. Harvey's in the Castro has really great sweet potato fries.

                1. If you've ever been to The Counter, you already know what I'm talking about. Hands down, the best.


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                    I second (on preview, third) The Counter.

                  2. Pearl's on Post Street near Leavenworth. Excellent milkshakes in unusual flavors and wide variety of burgers, including buffalo, in addition to sweet potato fries.

                    1. Here are the two best places I've found them:

                      The Counter (Palo Alto, San Jose) - with dipping sauce
                      Bleu Ginger (Milpitas) - no dipping sauce but better fry
                      The ones at Bleu Ginger are on the last page of the menu under "extras." There's a couple sides on this page with very little description (sort of the forgotten stepchildren of the menu), but the best two things on the menu are on this page - the other is the blue lake garlic green beans.

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                        Rudy's Can't Fail Café has them all the time.

                      2. Roadside BBQ on Geary in SF has quite good sweet potato fries as well as pretty good bbq. You can find several mentions of the place here.


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                            I just had them for the first time at Cav's last night, and agree they are delicious.

                          2. 21st Amendment, on 2nd Street near South Park. Really thin, crispy shoestring style (almost more like sweet potato sticks).


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                              21st Amendment used to. They don't anymore. I asked this past weekend.

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                                Bummer, that was one of their best items.


                            2. weird fish on mission at 18th has decent sweet potato fries.

                              1. Poleng Lounge on Fulton. Thin, crispy, spicy, with a banana chutney dipping sauce, if I remember right.