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Feb 27, 2008 10:32 AM

Muffins (cake muffins)

When discussions about blueberry muffin start, a lot of people wax nostalgic about Jordan Marsh version of blueberry muffins.
That could've been a long time ago, I myself do not remember it and I have lived in the Boston area for 30years now.
So far, the best muffins (esp the blueberry kind) that I have tasted in the Boston area, are the ones made by Roche Bros Supermarket in Burlington, it has good, sugary crust, smells good, holds its form, does not crumble and is good even the day after.
Corn Muffin by Au Bon Pain is outstanding also. it has good cakey texture and does not crumble that much, very solid.
Coffeecake muffin by DD is excellent also
and how about those Gingerbread Bakehouse muffins, they look as nice as cupcakes, their carrotcake muffin is outstanding.
Please share with CHrs, your fave muffin bakeries and where it is.

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  1. Is Magnificent Muffins in Teele Sq. in somerville still there? They used to have delicious sour cream coffee cake muffins.

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    1. re: heypielady

      Magnificent Muffins is still there, but I suspect their muffins may have changed since you had them. I find them to be pretty gross. They're somehow dry and greasy at the same time and the batter comes out of big buckets. Their egg sandwiches are fantastic, though.

      1. re: maillard

        Yeah... its been a while. I'm sorry to here they are not what I remember. I did enjoy there egg sandwich not because it was the best ever but because it was so cheap and worlds better than what you could get at Dunkin' Donuts or the like.

    2. Love the banana chocolate chip muffin at Petsi's.

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        The Souper Salad by Beth Israel also has a good banana choc. chip muffin.
        And I like the cappucino muffins from Stop & Shop, they're my regular breakfast choice. Also like their lemon poppy and coffee cake. The first two can be pretty greasy tho.
        I sometimes get the Roche Bros. gingerbread and mixed berry muffins, they're gigantic. Shaw's has the least exciting of the grocery stores and they've just made them bigger and more expensive.

      2. Gingerbread Construction in Winchester and Wakefiled has good muffines. Love their carrot with cream cheese frosting.
        I love corn and blueberry muffins ( and I use almond extract instead of vanilla when I make them), but usually make them myself. Looked at the muffins at BJ's this weekend, but they were HUGE, so I did not try them.

        1. A year or two ago, there was a coffee stand in the South Station Concourse that sold Jordan Marsh - recipe muffins. They'd bought the rights to the name and the recipe.

          They weren't bad at all, but apparently they weren't popular either, because I think they're gone from South Station.

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          1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

            I read that the baker who bought the recipe has retired and the muffins are not being made any more. It was apparently NOT lack of customers that made them go away.

          2. For all the (deserved) flack that Marche received, their smaller outlet that mainly catered to takeout lunch had excellent muffins! I miss them for that - they had a wide variety of pretty awesome, usually warm, muffins including pumpkin and carrot varieties that weren't too sweet.

            I find it hard to find good muffins that aren't overly sugary or with the bloody driest stumps you've ever choken on, but I agree that I really enjoy ABP's corn muffins.