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Muffins (cake muffins)

When discussions about blueberry muffin start, a lot of people wax nostalgic about Jordan Marsh version of blueberry muffins.
That could've been a long time ago, I myself do not remember it and I have lived in the Boston area for 30years now.
So far, the best muffins (esp the blueberry kind) that I have tasted in the Boston area, are the ones made by Roche Bros Supermarket in Burlington, it has good, sugary crust, smells good, holds its form, does not crumble and is good even the day after.
Corn Muffin by Au Bon Pain is outstanding also. it has good cakey texture and does not crumble that much, very solid.
Coffeecake muffin by DD is excellent also
and how about those Gingerbread Bakehouse muffins, they look as nice as cupcakes, their carrotcake muffin is outstanding.
Please share with CHrs, your fave muffin bakeries and where it is.

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  1. Is Magnificent Muffins in Teele Sq. in somerville still there? They used to have delicious sour cream coffee cake muffins.

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      Magnificent Muffins is still there, but I suspect their muffins may have changed since you had them. I find them to be pretty gross. They're somehow dry and greasy at the same time and the batter comes out of big buckets. Their egg sandwiches are fantastic, though.

      1. re: maillard

        Yeah... its been a while. I'm sorry to here they are not what I remember. I did enjoy there egg sandwich not because it was the best ever but because it was so cheap and worlds better than what you could get at Dunkin' Donuts or the like.

    2. Love the banana chocolate chip muffin at Petsi's.

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        The Souper Salad by Beth Israel also has a good banana choc. chip muffin.
        And I like the cappucino muffins from Stop & Shop, they're my regular breakfast choice. Also like their lemon poppy and coffee cake. The first two can be pretty greasy tho.
        I sometimes get the Roche Bros. gingerbread and mixed berry muffins, they're gigantic. Shaw's has the least exciting of the grocery stores and they've just made them bigger and more expensive.

      2. Gingerbread Construction in Winchester and Wakefiled has good muffines. Love their carrot with cream cheese frosting.
        I love corn and blueberry muffins ( and I use almond extract instead of vanilla when I make them), but usually make them myself. Looked at the muffins at BJ's this weekend, but they were HUGE, so I did not try them.

        1. A year or two ago, there was a coffee stand in the South Station Concourse that sold Jordan Marsh - recipe muffins. They'd bought the rights to the name and the recipe.

          They weren't bad at all, but apparently they weren't popular either, because I think they're gone from South Station.

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          1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

            I read that the baker who bought the recipe has retired and the muffins are not being made any more. It was apparently NOT lack of customers that made them go away.

          2. For all the (deserved) flack that Marche received, their smaller outlet that mainly catered to takeout lunch had excellent muffins! I miss them for that - they had a wide variety of pretty awesome, usually warm, muffins including pumpkin and carrot varieties that weren't too sweet.

            I find it hard to find good muffins that aren't overly sugary or with the bloody driest stumps you've ever choken on, but I agree that I really enjoy ABP's corn muffins.

            1. ula cafe in jp occasionally does a "donut muffin" which is sort of like a cross between a cake donut and a muffin. it's delicious, and i wish they had it more often. i can't say that i've seen anything like it elsewhere.

              1. There was a bakery in E. Boston that made the best blueberry muffins around. It was on the street where LaFamilia use to be. The street runs into Porter St near Meridian. It was a bakery up on the left hand side. You had to get there early before they sold out. They were HUGE with HUGE blueberries. I will have to go see if they are still there and get myself one of those special delights.

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                  I'll second the Gingerbread Construction Company muffins. The muffins are huge and delicious. The boston creme, lemon poppy seed and carrot muffins are so good. I have never had a muffin from there that I didn't like!

                2. I had a lemon poppy seed muffin this morning from Mr. Crepe in Davis Sq. with my cuppa coffee and it was quite good...

                  1. The Walnut St. Coffee Cafe on Walnut Street in Lynn. They have the biggest and bes pistachio muffins. It is not far from Route 1 exit near the Continental restaurant - about 5 minutes from there. Worth the trip AND they have a very wide assortment of different-flavored coffees, hot and iced. Enjoy this cute and cozy place. Great soups, too.

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                      thanks for the tip. I love pistachio. Worth a stop by when I am out running errands on a Saturday morning!

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                        Here you are again, macca responding to my reply for muffins. You will enjoy it there. Bring a book and sit and read for a spell. Their cinnamon coffee is yum!

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                          for sure we have the same tastes! It is kind of funny- it is easy to get tips from family, friends, whatever, that don't really work for me. But is is nice to be able to go this forum and feel confident the tips will be make me happy.

                    2. I haven't made a habit of buying cake like muffins recently but when I lived in Billerica I was very happy with everything that Java's Brewin made. I believe their Pistachio and Apple Cinnamon were my regulars.

                      1. Hands down, the blueberry muffin/cake from Four is my favorite.

                        1. I remember a great muffin place around 15-20 yrs ago on Mass Ave just to the right of the Hynes Convention Center (Auditorium) T stop entrance. I think it was a chain, they had a good variety and a warm muffin with butter in the winter was just wonderful.

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                            Do you mean Au Bon Pain? That's what I remember being there for quite a while. Always surprised a place like that can't stay open at a T entrance.

                            1. re: Joanie

                              No, it was a place that specialized in muffins, there was at least one other branch at Harvard Square as I recall. Speaking of Au Bon Pain, whatever happened to those great Petite Pain rolls? I'd much rather have those, with butter, than the sweet pastries that they have now.

                              1. re: steinpilz

                                Was that a Warburton's? I remember the space you mean. ABP bought out the Warburton's chain in 1992, and that little shop then became an ABP, so you're kind of both right.

                                1. re: Allstonian

                                  Warburton's doesn't ring a bell, but my memory certainly could be getting rusty.

                                  1. re: Allstonian

                                    Yeah, that sounds right to me. I used to love their little zucchini breads.

                                2. re: Joanie

                                  Do you mean the old Pewter Pot Muffin House chain? We moved away from Boston-Cambridge many years ago, but carry fond memories of those muffins to this day. One branch was right next to the corner of the Square, on Brattle, a few doors from Cardullo's.

                                  1. re: R. Asay

                                    Pewter Pot isn't ringing a bell either, but Googling around I saw "Mug N Muffin." I'm thinking that might be it. I attached a photo of a Mun N Muffin that looks like it was in Harvard Square, looks like right next to the T stop entrance.

                                    1. re: R. Asay

                                      OMG - I used to work as a waitress at the Pewter Pot!! I think I still have the red vest! Good muffins and we had to heat them before serving! Are any still around?

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                                        Lol, I use to work at the Pewter Pot Muffin House too! I worked at the one over on Boylston St. across from the Prudential building. I had fun for two summers there.

                                  2. re: steinpilz

                                    Do you mean Mrs. Miller's Muffins? I still can taste those chocolate-chocolate chip muffins.

                                    1. re: bear

                                      I'm thinking Mug N Muffins is the place, I'm recovering (non-traumatically) the outlines of a memory of going to that Harvard Square branch.

                                      1. re: steinpilz

                                        Great memory! Sounds like there is still a Mug N Muffin in Norwood. Talk about a trip down memory lane. It's been a lot of years since I've been in a Mug N Muffin. Have to check it out when I'm in the area.


                                        Mrs. Miller's was next to the old Tower Records on Mass. Ave., right next to the T station, and the only one in the Boston area, as far as I know. We grieved when it closed.

                                        1. re: bear

                                          The place I remember there was between the T stop entrance and the MassPike, could there have been two muffin places around there? Googling Mrs Millers I got an Eliot Street address in Cambridge but I had this vague memory that the place I went to was by the T stop (after seeing the photo though!).

                                  3. Bohemian Coffee on West Emerson St in Melrose has what have been aptly described as "celestial" muffins. Blueberry, Wild Berry, etc. and my fav, the peach pecan sour cream coffee cake muffin. They are out of this world. Closed on Monday.

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                                      thanks for the heads up. I have been there twice on my way to work, but have gotten there while the muffins were still in the oven. Will swing by later in the week after dropping the kids at the HS, Maybe I will get lucky this time!

                                    2. Geoffrey's in Roslindale has/makes a "donut muffin" available at weekend brunches. It is a moist cake muffin sort of coated in brown granulated sugar - when warmed, it is especially outstanding.

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                                      1. re: Bob Dobalina

                                        Geoffrey's donut muffin is the most sublime muffin I've ever experienced. Buttery cinnamony decadence. It's huge and incredibly rich, so definitely big enough to share.

                                      2. Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe in the South End has fantastic muffins. The blueberry muffins are my archetype of a blueberry muffin. But, if you happen to catch them on Pistachio muffin day, make sure you grab one of those too.

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                                          I have a soft spot for Charlie's muffins too. They used to butter them and throw them on the grill which made them a crispy buttery treat.