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Feb 27, 2008 10:30 AM

Trendy & Fancy for B-Day Dinner (Westside or abouts)

Hi all,

Looking to take my girlfriend someplace special for her birthday in a few weeks, and am having a bit of trouble coming up with a place that strikes the right balance between having the right crowd (mid 20's - mid 30's), great service and memorable food. Places that come to mind are Boa (but have already been with her), Vicente (food / service are brilliant but having only been one I recall the crowd as being a bit older), Campinelle (again, am concerned that the crowd might be too old). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. West at Hotel Angeleno might be good or the Penthouse at the Huntley Hotel. The Ivy on Robertson or Chaya Brasserie or Table 8 could also work. Katsuya in Brentwood or Axe on Abbot-Kinney would also be good choices.

    1. Wilshire might be a good idea too...

      1. maybe the penthouse @ the huntley hotel in santa monica.

        1. Foundry on Melrose has a really nice back patio and great ambiance. Comme Ca might be another option.

          1. Penthouse, Katsuya....and Abode!