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Sunday Brunch in NH

We are a group of about 8-10 and looking for a good sunday buffet brunch. Good hotel sunday brunch, or something of the like. Buffet works best for most of us...as there is usually something for everyone there. We're willing to travel North of Boston to Southern NH areas...price range between 15-25 per person. Thought of Micheal Timothy's, but seems a little fancy for the kids. We've been to The Yard in Manchester...it was good. But looking for something a little nicer.

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  1. Not a buffet, but the Bedford Village Inn's Sunday brunch is supposed to be wonderful:


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        Did you see the menu? It's not a buffet, it's entrees that all run about $18-23. For the price of your entree you got to choose a starter and a dessert.

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          Hmmm...we can't seem to get out of there for less than $75 a couple--must be the bloody marys.

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            Haha - that'll do it! I once had a $50 "brunch" at Cheesecake Factory, a bit too much booze for 11AM probably.

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        I stayed at this hotel last year! I remember it mostly for the EXCEPTIONAL service, so good I wrote to their corp hq to give them a plug. We didn't have brunch and now I'm bummed looking at that.....we stopped at Martha's downtown before heading back to RI.

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          We did the Crown Plaza for Easter Sunday brunch last year - very nice brunch, good price, something for everyone.

        2. There's always Parker's Maple Barn in Brookline NH. It's in your price point and the maple syrup season starts soon. Not a buffet, but the Parker's Special has every breakfast item you can imagine.

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            I've heard complaints about Parker's on here, but I always have a good meal when I go. I drive up from RI during maple sugaring season every year for a big breakfast.

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              Service can be painfully slow, and the wait for a table during sugaring season can stretch to two hours...but kids love it and it's got a lot of atmosphere. I used to live up the road, and some Saturdays it was like I-95.

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                Parkers Maple Barn is on the selling block.

          2. Not sure if they still do them, but Atkinson Country Club used to do a really nice brunch buffet.

            1. The Old Salt on rt1 in Hampton has a pretty good Sunday Brunch Buffet and it very reasonable, $15.99 for adults, $9.99 for children, Has carving stations omelette stations, desserts etc. Definitely need reservations. Here's their webstie.


              1. We've also done the sunday brunch at J's at Nashoba Winery in Bolton Ma. - very nice and I believe adults are $18-$20, less for children.


                1. This was another choice when we were looking for a buffet, Victoria's in Tewksbury or Andover maybe (just off rt. 495) - it's in the Holiday Inn.

                  1. The Black Forest Cafe in Amherst is fantastic.Not a buffet though.

                    The Common Man in Concord does a Sunday Brunch buffet that is ok.

                    1. Try the Atkinson Country Club, It is very good food, & a beautiful atmosphere

                      1. Thanks Everyone! This is a fantastic list.
                        I really like the looks of the Atkinson Country club. As well as the CP Nashua...Will keep you all posted as to where we end up.

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                          Burlington Marriott (right off 95) used to do a good brunch buffet too. They renovated the restaurant recently, so I don't know if they still do it or not. Omelette station, carving station, breakfast pastries, desserts......

                        2. Abercrombie and Finch on rt1 in North Hampton NH is Very nice for a Sawbuck it can't be beat has great carved ham and atmosphere. My present as a first Post http://www.abercrombieandfinch.com/

                          1. if you're willing to come all the way up to concord, nh, for a non-buffet brunch, i cannot say enough good things about the granite in the centennial inn. good service, lovely dining room, and fantastic food. brunch is quite reasonable.

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                              love love love that place, will have to try it for brunch sometime.