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Feb 27, 2008 10:19 AM

Good, inexpensive cooking classes?

I'm interested in taking a few cooking classes. Im not actually a bad cook and can definitely hold my own in the kitchen- i just think it would be a fun way to spend my extra time...perhaps learn a few new things.

Anyways- been looking around and have noticed that most cooking classes are pretty pricey. Has anyone encountered one thats closer the 50$ a pop as opposed to 100$ ( which seems to be the norm? Id love to take a series of classes, but i just cant afford 100$ every time.

Also, ive noticed that ICE gets a lot of good talk on the boards... has anyone tried miette culinary classes?


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  1. i went to miette recently. it was ok. you don't get to cook everything. you are split up into groups so you only end up working on one item really. also i wouldn't go alone. i was the only one by myself with 13 other people, not fun.

    recently i took a class with karen lee. she is more in the $100 range but i really enjoyed her. the classes are in her apt and all hands on plus group oriented. we all worked together, it was great. i think it was something like 7 or 8 different dishes that we made and everything she uses is organic.

    i agree finding a class that isn't so expensive would be good. i will say you are paying for the food and the service. i ate so much food with karen lee and enjoyed myself so it was definitely worth the money.

    i've never been to ice. i hear people love it. my dad went and had a really bad experience with one of the instructors. i told him to go back and try again.

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      Thanks for the info :) Is karen lee with miette or independent?

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        independent. google her, she is a caterer and author. miette is run by a former chef of tartine.

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          I've been to Miette twice, both times with groups. I wouldn't recommend going by yourself, and I think it's more about having a good time and learning about a dish or two than the specifics of cooking.

          That said, Paul is fantastic and I highly recommend it for a fun group outing.

    2. I took a class at the JCC. I was disappointed, because it was too expensive and the recipes were only OK. Don't recommend.

      1. I took a cooking class at ICE a few years ago. The instructor and assistants were knowledgable and very professional and just overall good instructors. The one downside was we did not get to cook everything on the menu, but split up the menu into teams. A friend of mine took a class and cooked through the entire menu.

        We did get to eat everything on the menu though, as the entire group sat down to try all the different courses (and opened up a few bottles of wine also). I agree with fein in that you should go with a friend or a group of friends.