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Feb 27, 2008 09:55 AM

Easter eggs in UK

Do you dye Easter eggs in the UK? I've been looking for egg dye. It's an annual ritual in the US, and we have friends with kids coming for Easter. Also, can I find white-shelled eggs? Everything I see is brown. I'm in London so if anyone has any suggestions on where I can find these items, I'd appreciate it!

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  1. I'm not sure if they would stock egg dye, but there is a store at Covent Garden that stocks a lot of American candies and other items. It might be worth giving them a call or an email. Selfridge's usually has a huge selection of Easter goodies, as does John Lewis, but I can't say I've ever seen egg dye.

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      We used to use normal food colouring when I was growing up and living in Germany where coloured/decorated eggs are traditional.

      I wonder if cheaper supermarkets have white eggs, my suspicion is the more upmarket you go the more rustic (brown) the egg will be.

      A good alternative would be to buy some "Clarence Court - Old Cotswold Legbar" eggs - these naturally come in pastel colours, blues, greens, pinks. My local Sainsbury's and Waitrose stock them. They are the ones in the blue box, the brown box are brown eggs - check out the link -

    2. It's not part of our general current traditions to dye eggs. A good craft shop might be a source as might somewhere like Selfridges as mentioned by zuriga.

      White shelled eggs are not easy to come by outside of sources such as farmers markets. Some years back, the supermarket industry decreed that brown eggs looked more rustic and that we'd therefore buy more of them.

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        Thanks so much to both of you for the information! I really appreciate it. I guess I will check at Borough's Market this Friday to see if there are white eggs, and if so, I will have my friend bring egg dye with her.

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          You can buy egg dye from the German Deli co: and they have a shop in Borough market - not sure if they stock the dye in the shop or just online, but it's worth a try!

      2. Definitely consider looking up a recipe for egg dye from food color- we do eggs every year (in the States) and we always use food coloring and vinegar to dye them- you can mix up more interesting colors, and let the kids experiment with making their own color combos. Good luck!

        1. One year I found German egg dye at my local arts & crafts shop in Chiswick, but it was so dark and vibrant (red and purple instead of pink and lilac) I went with food coloring and vinegar the next year and the eggs came out beautifully. I found white-shelled eggs at my local butcher (Macken Bros.) who sell eggs from the same farmer that supplies their chickens. You might be able to find white eggs at a farmer's market... didn't find any at my local Sainsbury's.