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Feb 27, 2008 09:41 AM

[Killarney] Restaurants & Market Shopping

Greetings from cold Chicago!

I will be visiting Ireland for the 3rd time this May/June; however, this time we are taking an extended visit to Killarney & staying in a customers house for a week down in Killarney. Typically we hit a number of towns for just a night or two. We will end our trip with the requisite stop in Dublin for two nights, but mainly due to the inability to fly directly into Shannon (sometimes we can get those flights, while other times that airport is "blacked out" for direct flights).

Anyhow, I've been to Killarney a number of times, and typically have an easy time finding places to eat. But this time, I will have some friends with me, in addition to lots of family.

Here are a few questions:

(1) Any new little spots to eat lunch/dinner that are affordable/funky for a group of late 20s to early 30s? Seafood/veggie options are welcome, as one in our group is vegetarian, but eats all seafood.

(2) What grocery stores/markets should we visit? This is the first time we are staying in an actual house, with a kitchen, rather than the lovely guest houses we've stayed in the past. I love healthy, organic stuff, and I believe we are staying fairly close to the "city centre".

(3) Any regular farmers markets in town?

(4) Lastly, new pubs/bars to visit? We love how this town is so easy to stumble upon many fun options, just looking for anything off the beaten path.

Miss Ellen

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  1. One of the best pubs in Killarney is Buckley's. They have very good, Irish music sessions, but you'd have to check which nights they're on. The locals were wonderfully friendly to us and we had a great time. The pub is near the movie theatre, but that's about all I remember... on the road to Muckross Park (good restaurant there). Do try to have lunch the Avoca restaurant which is in the Ring of Kerry. I think the location is called Moll's Gap. The view is great and the food very nice - simple but delicious.

    1. I would recommend heading to Kenmare (30 minute drive away) to eat at least one dinner - Packie's, Mulcahy's, and the Lime Tree are all amazing. All have lots of seafood options. The Purple Heather, Jam, Prego and Bacus are great for lunch and would fir the bill in terms of affordability more than the dinner places in town. I think there is a farmer's market in Kenmare on Wednesdays too.

      Haven't eaten in Killarney much in recent years. Jam was always a good place for lunch, tea & scones etc. I had a really good dinner in the Bricin on High Street, but that was about 4 or 5 years ago so I don't know if it's still as good. In general, Kenmare would have a more "foodie" reputation than Killarney (and the prices to match), there is a great selection for such a small town. Having said that, Killarney could be catching up now, I just haven't been there too much.

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        I went last May to Bricin. The food was very good, though not great, and the atmosphere was comfortable and welcoming. I had the boxty (potato pancake/crepe) and my DC had the salmon, which he said was very nice.