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Feb 27, 2008 08:59 AM

Gothenburg, Sweden? (Goteborg)

Any Chowhounds have recommendations for specific restaurants in Gothenburg?

Seafood is good, since it sounds like it's the local specialty.

Going to be there next week and I have to entertain my (American) work team for lunches and dinners, mainly dinners.

Any recos are appreciated!


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  1. I haven't been to Goteborg in quite some time, so I can't vouch for the restaurants that are around these days, but the Fish Church is a classic Gothenburg food hall. Not only is it the perfect place to find deleicious Swedish delicatessen and seafood specialties, but I highly recommend lunch at the Fiskekyrka restaurant, or a snack in the cafe.

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      I know the original thread is for a business lunch but is there anything around there for cheap eats as well?

      Also, what is a Gothenburg food hall?

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        I used the term, "food hall" to describe the atmosphere and function of this thoroughly Northern European indoor market. The building is a large 19th Century church, however it is used mostly as a fish market, with many stalls selling everything from pickled herring to live crayfish and Norwegian salmon. There are also cheese and bakery stalls, where one can round out the makings of a classic Goteborg meal.
        It's certainly not a fancy place, but it is one of the most famous spots in the city, with some of the freshest fish in the world. I would say the restuarant is equally suited to business and pleasure, but its not formal by any stretch.

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        Probably too late... Smaka is a great little place in Vasaplatsen area that serves wonderful meatballs, amazing herring and salmon... Fairly inexpensive for Sweden.

        Solrosen isn't too far away in Haga and is maybe the best vegetarian restaurant I've ever eaten in. You order a main and then have access to a wonderful rustic salad bar. Also very inexpensive.

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          It's never too late, we've just barely gotten here :) Some local Swedes recommended a restaurant called Sjomagasinet that we went to tonight. It was incredibly expensive, but very delicious, rich, and authentic.

          The highlight was the herring platter starter marinated 7 different ways, accompanied by crackers, hard cheese, and potatoes. I'd go just for that and a bottle of wine and be happy (and not order any more because it's richness overkill).

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            PS the Swedes described it as the best restaurant in Sweden and the highlight of seafood here, which Gothenburg is known for.

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              I could list a number of restaurants in Gothenburg that I have found much better than Sjömagasinet. Since Sjömagasinet is the iconic Gothenburg fish restaurant (and the chef is famous), everyone will name it first when tourists ask for really good food. Maybe they were the best restaurant once, but now they've grown rather complacent. The food is good, sure, but there's no twist, nothing exceptional. Nothing to make it worth the rather exorbitant price.

              If you want to splurge and feel well about it, try Swedish Taste, Kock & Vin, Basement or 28+ instead.

      3. I just got back, but for anyone that goes out to Gothenburg I recommend Pour bon, a bread shop (might be a chain) that made amazing bread and croissants. The fig bread was amazing.

        I went to Smaka and sadly wasn't very impressed. It was good but not great.

        I did go to a nice place called Stallgården for lunch one day. They have two choices a day on the menu. We had a choice between reindeer and halibut. The reindeer was pretty good, served the same way they serve meatballs (same sauce, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries).

        We were there for a while, so we tried a few different places, including a thai place called "Spice" that was pretty good.

        All in all, a good trip and good eating!

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          Thanks for the report, sfdottie. Where is Stallgarden located? I remember there was a fantastic restaurant by that name right in the center of town, where we used to go and have the most fantastic seafood lunches- the best lobser bisque of my life- including an incredible assortment of herring dishes. It was one of the top restaurants in the city during the '80s and '90s, and then I had heard that it closed. I'd loved to know where this restaurant is, and if it is the same. FWIW, "Stallgarden" actually does mean stall garden, as the original Stallgarden was in a converted carriage house. The courtyard of the house had been converted to a beautiful indoor garden, covered entirely by a skylight, kind of like a greenhouse in the middle of the ground floor of an old stone barn. It was both elegant and rustic, and very charming.

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            Sodra Larmgatan 20 , and the phone number is 031-138090. It sounds like the same place. They had a really nice salad buffet table out in the courtyard, along with tables. Have fun!

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              Stallgården has closed, unfortunately.

          2. Amanda Bomans in Stora Saluhallan is a fantastic traditional place to lunch Their fish soup is one of my favourite dishes in the world. Filled with salmon, prawns and crayfish made with a beautiful seafood stock, loads of saffron, a bit of cream and a garlic alioli. Also the meatballs are excellent and its a more traditional place than Smaka. Sadly only open for lunch though.

            Smaka is good, but quite pricey and if you have limited time there are better places for dinner. Sjomagasinet is excellent, but very, very pricey even by Michelin Star standards. Having said that the cooking is fantastic and has a wonderful traditional approach that does showcase what's best about Gothenburg's seafood. The pickled herring is a standout (if you like herring), but enormous as a starter. Its definitely sharable, when my girlfriend had it she could barely finish her main.

            Hemma Hos is an excellent less pricey dinner option than Sjomagasinet. Its in the trendy area of Haga and does traditional Swedish with a modern twist in tapas size portions. The food is well done, if not mindblowing and the approach means you can try a lot of different things. The atmosphere is nice and friendly and its a well decorated , fairly elegant looking place (though not in a fine dining way).

            1. I have just returned from Gothenburg and I have to saay that I was not impressed by the food. I only had a couple f days so I did not get enough to fairly judge the food scene of the city, i am only critical of the places I went to.

              Smaka was quite terrible. The meatballs were really not very good and they were served with lukewarm/cold mash that has little flavour and and dull brown cream sauce. At least it was not expensive.

              Hemma Hos was ok, but only in comparison with the other places I went to Gothenburg. It was nice to be able to sample lots of small dishes though. In a nice area too.

              Solrossen was really nice. Very generous. Certainly not a gastronomic spot though.

              And as for the fish soup at Amanda Broman. Maybe I went on an off day. The only good thing I can say about it iss it was fast service. The soup itself was nothing special. And the huge dollop of Alioli? (couldn't detect much garlic) was not even freshly made. It was the sickly white stuff. If it was homemade it must have had only a trace of egg yolk in and god knows what else. The soup was lacking punch, it did have some nice pieces of fish in it though. But for 14 euro it should do. It was also not very generous a portion for that price.

              I have never typed such a negative post, i feel bad about it. But that was my experience.

              On the plus side I bought some wonderful cheeses from a very very nice and helpful guy in the Saluhallen. The place was called Berglund and Wallden and they only sold cheeses from the local area (state/county, not sure what one says when referring to Sweden), very artisinal. Amongst others, I highly recommend the Spiran, a really delicious goat and cow blend.

              Also at Saluhall Briggen there is a butcher at the far end who sells a delicious (and traditional?) elk salami.

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                Appreciate the report and the tip on the local cheese vendor. We are due to be there next month (assuming no more volcanic action and Icelandair is flying on schedule). I love cheese and will add this place to my agenda.