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Feb 27, 2008 08:55 AM

Amazing restaurants near Disney Hall Downtown?

I'm looking for an amazing place to have dinner before the Grizzly Bear concert on Saturday. Any suggestions?

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  1. There are several restaurants owned by the Patina/Pinot group that are all good. There is a Patina right in the Disney Hall, so you could try that. There's also Cafe Pinot down at the library (Fifth and Grand) and Zucca on Fig at 8th. Both have shuttles to the Disney Hall. Best steak is at Nick & Stef's, within walking distance of the Disney Hall (Hope and 3d). Best fish is at Water Grill (Grand and Fifth). Most "amazing" may be Pacific Dining Car. At least it's probably the most expensive.

    1. "Amazing" in that area, to me, means Patina and Water Grill.

      1. Amazing is kind of a high bar to set, and there's probably very few "amazing" restaurants Downtown. What kind of food do you like? How much do you want to spend? How long do you want to spend having dinner? Patina could possibly be amazing, if you've got a few hours and more than $200 to burn. For me, probably the only amazing meal Downtown would be the Water Grill, where you're also looking at $200-plus, or omakase at one of the better sushi restaurants, which might be too much to do before a concert.
        As far as the other poster's suggestion, Pacific Dining Car is certainly less expensive then Patina or the Water Grill, and the steaks can be very good. It's not in Central Downtown, but a bit further west on Sixth St. It's pretty dead at dinner time, so don't go looking for a lively atmosphere.

        1. There's also Roy's (a mile away)...but like the others, I prefer Water Grill.

          1. Avoid any restaurants owned by Patina Group, meaning Patina, and all the rest of the Music Center and Disney dining options - they just are not there, yet your wallet better be.
            Water Grill, Pacific Dining Car, Pete's, Serenata di Garibaldi, Cicada, etc. might be better suggestions - yet you must get into any of these places very early to get to Disney Hall by curtain time, as in 5:30 or 6:00pm at the latest.