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Feb 27, 2008 08:47 AM

Best Duck dishes in the Boston area?

My SO's birthday is coming up, and he's been egging me on to find a good restaurant that serves a notable duck dish. He's had duck before, but has never been wowed. Somehow he's convinced he should like it, so the question is: What restaurant in the area would you reccommend to go to be wowed by duck? Small, large, cheap, expensive all welcome, but we're not big on fancy (jackets, no jeans).

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  1. Depends if you want a French prep like duck a l'orange or a Chinese prep like Peking duck...

    1. Not to cut the discussion short, but for reference, there was a terrific thread on this in late November:

      1. The two famous ones here are the duck for two at Salts, and the Peking duck at King Fung Garden. They are both worthy of the acclaim, in my opinion.

        Some other duck dishes I've had lately that I like:

        Duck meatballs with foie gras raviolis (an app) at Grotto.

        Anatra alla Peppino (duck leg confit and grilled breast) at Da Vinci

        Smoked duck leg with membrillo at Toro (not on the most recent menu)

        Duck spring roll and duck noodle dish at Aneka Rasa

        Roast duck soup noodle at Eo Noodle in Framingham

        Pato braseado at Dali (nice tart berry sauce on it)

        Kao lao ped hotpot at Chilli Duck, a steamboat-style preparation

        Rice-smoked duck at Sage, one of their best entrees

        Tea smoked duck at Beijing Star (Waltham); look for it on the pink menu (authentic stuff)

        Duck risotto at Sasso

        1. I'm going for King Fung Garden's peking duck for the first time tonight, and I expect to be wow'ed based on the buzz on this board.

          Gaslight had a really nice duck confit on their menu a few months ago, but not sure if it's still there. Gaslight has a nice atmosphere, but definitely not fancy. Found their prices to be very reasonable.

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            i haven't had it at king fung garden, but i thought the tea-smoked duck at shangri-la was quite good.

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                Really liked it. The peking-style duck that started the meal was fabulous and my favorite. I loved the hand-made wraps - a really nice chewy texture without being tough nor too thick or thin. I thought all 3 dishes (1 being soup) were very tasty, but it was mild disappointment that the stir-fry and the soup were more home-style dishes and more simpler in preparation style. This is a not a knock on the dishes by any means, but when you start off with a great first course, it's hard to then have the next 2 not be even better. It was ridiculous amounts of food for two, and of course my sister and I ordered appetizers. Ugh..bad move. They were all really good, but it just pushed the quantity of food over the edge. Such a great bargain for the 3 courses of duck. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys duck.

                Edit: And for anyone who may be curious, the other 2 dishes were: a stir fry of the duck meat with lots of bean sprouts, and julienned carrots and I think pea pods in brown sauce and then a light, clear soup of the bones with napa, cubes of tofu and bean thread. All tasty, very home-y dishes.

            1. My favorite duck ever (albeit a ways back now) was at Hammersley's. Not the tea-smoked, simply roast duck. Set the bar very high for others to reach!