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Feb 12, 2002 02:33 AM

Costco finds

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I've been frequenting this place recently and tried their rotisserie chicken. It was pretty darn good. Very moist and flavorful. Two of us had a feast then made chicken soup with the carcass and leftover meat with some veggies & noodles thrown in. I also bought a six-pack of Cattle Drive chili with beans. While not exactly gourmet eatin', it's pretty good for canned chili and makes a quick meal with some sourdough bread when you've got a hankering for that chili flavor. I also like the beef jerky they carry.

Anyone else a Costco junkie and have recommendations?

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  1. The chicken is well-known to Chowhounders everywhere, I believe -- I was first turned on to them by reading posts on this very board, in fact (I usually pass on supermarket-type roast chickens as a rule, so I was unaware of the Costco bird's superiority until being goaded to try them based on the reviews here). Not too many chow deals around like those birds.

    Every couple of days or so, someone seems to dig up another Costco item of surprising quality and trumpet about it on this board; my current guilty pleasure these days has been the white-chocolate-dipped chocolate/macadamia biscotti that come in an all-too-large plastic jar.

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      I love the salted mixed nuts (no peanuts) that come in a large tub with a blue top. They are excellent. And though it is not always available, the Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in the tall green bottle, is a superior olive oil at an amazing price. I usually buy 4 or 5 of these bottles when I see them. The Greek Salad is quite good (I am not as fond of the Chinese Chicken Salad or the Caesar.) And other than a high end butcher, I do not think you can find better meat in town. Try their Ribeye steaks -- divine.

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        I agree about the quality of the meat in general, and especially the ribeye steaks. Costco's steaks are choice grade, not the select grade that's generally in the supermarkets. If you look through the steaks, you can usually find some where the marbeling of the fat is equal to prime-grade meat. When you find these, snag 'em. They're a terrific bargain, and make wonderful eating.

        1. re: Tom Armitage

          Some of the best steaks I've ever had in my life have been Rib Eyes purchased at Sam's Club. On average, a Sam's Club Rib Eye with my own dry rub is a good notch better than anything Morton's or Ruth's Chris'can dish out. Of course, I can't conjure up that sinful Godiva desert that Morton's does, and that's worth the price of admission alone.

    2. The chicken is yummy! I also buy my Valbreso french feta cheese there (cheaper than anywhere). In the frozen section there is a turkey stuffed red pepper that I like. I prefer the Montolivo light olive oil myself. Don't get the carrot cake ... WAY too sweet!

      1. Every once in a while my wife brings home a lemon or chocolate bundt cake from the Costco in Chino Hills. The cakes come out of a bakery in San Diego and they are the best bundt cakes we have ever had. Moist, dense, lemony or choclaty.

        1. The boneless leg of Australian lamb.

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            OH YES!! How could I forget....the lamb!

            1. re: HomeChef

              "The boneless leg of Australian lamb."

              Doesn't that make it difficult for them to stand up?

            2. Urbani Dried Porcini Mushrooms "First Choice" Grade 8 oz. $11.99

              Southern Cross Australian 8-rib cryo-vac, frenched rack of lamb c. $12.00

              Hass Avocados 5 for $4.79