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Feb 27, 2008 08:34 AM

Birthday Dinner

I am looking for a fun, yet elegant place to go to dinner with a few girlfriends as well as my fiance for my birthday in April. I prefer American cuisine or seafood...any suggestions?

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  1. Blue Water Grill might fit the bill. A full seafood menu in an elegant but not uptight atmosphere. In the heart of Union Square you will be in the middle of everything. The food has been consistently good and a great place for a birthday celebration.

    If you want to go more downtown, Gotham Bar & Grill is excellent although probably a little more expensive. Again, a very nice atmosphere for a fun celebratory night.

    For other NYC reviews:

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      Thank you! I have been to both places and absolutely love Gotham Bar & Grill, but I want to try new places! Any other ideas??

    2. I like Stanton Social a lot which is where I went for my bday a few years ago. It's fun and has solid food and the food is fun to share.

      Blue Ribbon, Union Square Cafe and The Harrison are also fun and good choices for American food.

      If you like seafood, I like Esca a lot.

      1. I think davidburke and donatella combines fun and elegance in a witty and delicious way.