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Feb 27, 2008 08:27 AM

Strickland Meats on Greenwood?

I go past Strickland Meats every day on the Greenwood bus but have yet to venture in. Does anyone know anything about this place? Price? Quality? We're only a few months into living in Leslieville and searching for new local shops. Thanks!

(actually on a side note - if anyone knows where to find good produce in the area suggestions would be much appreciated - haven't been overly impressed with the local grocery stores - loblaws being particularly abysmal)

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  1. They've been there forever. I don't know anyone who has every shopped there. It was once a very "white bread" kind of store in a somewhat "white trash" area. The neighbourood has certainly been changing, which may or may not be reflected in this store. Why not try them and report?

    Meat on the Beach has very nice meat and poultry. I haven't liked much of their prepared food or any of their hot food. Service is sometimes really bad.

    I found Lady and Son not worth the bother, though some posters here have had better luck. I can't figure out whether they are incompetent, disorganized, or actually intend to mislead. I've found selection poor, quality low, and cutting abysmal. I don't plan to go back anytime soon.

    The best beef in the area is at Royal Beef on Danforth near Woodbine. Talk to Gord at the meat counter before you buy anything since their best stuff is seldom displayed. Their other meats are less special and poultry is mainly from Schneider's. Carm's Deli has a small but well edited selection (same store).

    Produce in the immediate area is borderline hopeless. Meat on the Beach has some decent produce, mostly organic, but much of it is priced absurdly high. The organics place on Queen near Logan is terrible.

    We mainly buy our produce in the Gerrard Chinatown (quality unreliable, but prices very cheap), at T&T, and on Danforth (Sun Valley; Big Carrot).

    1. I try to go there to buy my meat when in the area. It's definitely better than the No Frills (eww) I love their pork breakfast sausages (although they can be a little on the salty side) and I've bought quite a bit of stewing beef from them and it's pretty good quality. Great guys in there too, real characters. Hope they have someone who will take over when they decide to retire.

      1. I've been curious too. I saw that they were advertising Melton Mowbray Pork Pies in the shop which made my british heart all a flutter.

        When I get down there to buy one, I'll report back.

        1. I've wondered about them too whenever I drive by. What struck me is how clean the place looks from outside.

          Strickland Meat
          245 Greenwood Ave, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

          1. I love going in there. The two brothers are sons of butchers. This goes way back in the family. They are so sweet. The meat is inexpensive. Their sausages and pork and chicken skewers are awesome. It took me some time to go in there. The area is a bit trashy so did not know what to make of the place. But I am now happy to be supporting their business and help keep the small business going.

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              They were in business before the area was that trashy. My Aunt and Uncle used to live Upper Gerrard and Coxwell area, and shopped at Strickland's alot. If you like the potato pancake triangles, they have one of the best and I am still addicted to their breakfast sausage. I live now in the Hammer but for Christmas we have to get both from Stricklands, even if it means an extra trip from my
              Toronto area office.