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Feb 27, 2008 08:24 AM

Tuna and Corn Salad?

I spent a couple weeks in the Summer of 2006 living with a family in Granada, Spain. A few times, with dinner and lunch, we had a simple salad made with cold corn and tuna...Does anyone know a recipe for it, what it might be called, or if the dish is actually traditional or common in Spanish households at all? My house mother served it to us quite a few times and I've been craving it!

Thank you in advance!

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  1. I don't think of corn as being traditonal in Spanish cuisine. That said, I'm more familiar with the northern regions.

    Andalucia probably has more links with South America than other parts so it may be that corn is more common there.

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    1. I'm sitting here in NYC with my visiting suegra from Barcelona who grew up in Sevilla. She says that what you describe is just a common salad throughout Spain and is made with tuna, canned corn, rice and a vinaigrette. Anything else you want to throw in is fine. She also says that the only place you will commonly find ground corn is in Almeria.

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        Flaco, thank you so much! That's so very helpful! Thank your suegra for me if you can, please? I spent time in Sevilla when I was in Spain :) Beautiful please. She's so lucky to have grown up there!

        Thank you again for the information! That's just what I was looking for!