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Feb 27, 2008 08:15 AM

Recs for brunch near Museum of Natural History

Going to the museum Sunday with my boyfriend and looking for a good spot for brunch before.

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  1. isabelle's is on the corner. it is a good spot for brunch. are you looking for an upscale brunch or just a good diner spot?

    1. Isabella's on Columbus and 77th is a nice choice and close to the museum. They have a great brunch menu of eggs, omelettes, waffles, french toast, salads and burgers. The atmosphere is nice and most entrees will cost about $11-15pp. The only downside is that they don't take reservations so if you don't get there early you will probably have a 30-45 minute wait depending how busy they are. Service can also be spotty sometimes but the food has been good.

      For more food reviews:

      1. While I've never had brunch at Ocean Grill (near the Museum), dinners there have always been great. Nice ambiance, very good food, and upscale without being pretentious at all. (You can go in nice jeans, etc.)

        There's another place called Calle Ocho on Columbus. I haven't been in probably 5 years, but it was a nice airy, colorful place with good food. An "easy" place for brunch.

        1. A short walk away is Neptune Room, on Amsterdam between 84th and 85th Streets. Great French Toast and other brunch items, as well as a great selection of other non-brunch foods.

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            I second the Neptune Room. It'll be less crowded than the others and the fish is really, really good (although I've only been there for dinner, I'm sure the same is true at brunch). If you wanted something fancier, you could go to Ouest (Broadway and 83-84th), which is lovely, but more expensive (I think?) for brunch. Ocean Grill is good. Isabella's is OK, in my opinion not worth the wait. If you like healthy type food, Josie's (74th and Amsterdam) is good. Cafe Frida if you want Mexican.

          2. Another vote for Isabella's! It's my favorite pre-museum brunch spot.