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Feb 12, 2002 01:52 AM

The carne asada burrito problem

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This can be the closest thing to heaven on Earth, but I haven't found any good ones around here lately. Someone told me that Alfonsos in La Jolla is great for carne asada burritos but 2 hours is too long a commute for paradise. Any suggestions?

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  1. While I prefer their tacos (no rice or beans to get in the way of the meat), the El Taurino taco truck serves a damn tasty carne asada burrito. The beef may not be as premium grade as Alfonsos', but that hallucinogenic salsa rojo more than makes up for it. The truck is parked behind the El Taurino restaurant at 11th and Hoover on weekends. However, lately I've been partial to their al pastor.

    1. While it's not nirvana, Campo's on Robertson Boulevard near Hamilton High School makes a good one. Also, in the Valley, El Jerezano (sp?)on Hazeltine just south of Oxnard.

      1. I thought the carne asada at Mariela's tacos were quite good. They're at 3rd St/Catalina near Vermont. See earlier comments at the link below.


        1. Try El Gran Burritto at Vermont & Santa Monica Blvd. Been to El Taurino, also really good. Enjoy

          1. Yes... I've found my fav restaurant in LA... La Bonita... read the review from the beginning of January... Cheap, authentic mexican food in Hollywood... you won't be disappointed