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Feb 27, 2008 07:55 AM

San Antonio: Cheap, local Mexican

I will be visiting San Antonio from Austin this Friday and would like to find a good place to grab some lunch. I have a car, and would like to find a cheap, good place to get Mexican food. Are there any good places to find puffy tacos? I hear this is a San Antonio specialty. Are there any other San Antonio specialties that are different than what you would find in Austin?

If they serve margaritas, it would be a big bonus!

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  1. Go up S. Alamo and there's Tito's (v. cheap) and Rosario's (v. good margaritas and they have puffy tacos).

    1. Henry's Puffy Tacos, Bandera @ Woodlawn. Nice and greasy, just like you like 'em! Or Jacala, West Ave @ Hildebrand, Tex Mex at its finest.

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        Henry's Puffy Tacos is no longer located on Bandera and Woodlawn. It's moved to a new location outside the loop—still on Bandera, but near Wurzbach. I'm guessing it's been a while since your last visit? I went recently (within the past three months), and the food is pretty much the same. In my opinion, only Henry's puffy tacos are good. Everything else is pretty mediocre. Even their rice and beans are bad.

        Good items that you can't find in Austin but are readily available in San Antonio, brattpowered, include flour tortillas and pan dulce. I think there are a couple of older threads on both topics, if you're interested.

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          If I'm doing lunch... because this weather is so increadible.... I'm thinking patio and margarita.

          In that case, I'm thinking La Fonda on Main. Great ambiance and total san antonio. great margaritas.

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            Has anyone else tried the carnita tacos at Los Robertos? They are killer! $2.20 and they give you 2 corn tortillas so I usually make 2 small tacos. The place is always packed during lunch, fast and friendly service. Near 281 and Bitters Rd., in the shopping center next to theater and close to that Hobby Lobby. They are open 24/7 but I have only been during lunch.

      2. What! If you're in the Medical area, Martha's on Babcock and Huebner has $5.00 lunch menu, $6.00 for Chicken Fried Steak topped with queso.

        And if you want to see some locals, hit up Chacho's on I-10 and Callaghan. They will sell you more food that you'll ever believe. The Full order of King Kong Nacho's is the size of a large pizza and staked up 6 inches. They have decent cheap margaritas, lots of fresh ingredients. The black bean entrees are the best.

        1. My favorite is El Chapparel on Bandera Road just outside Loop 1604 on the left. No puffy tacos- but the Helotes Delight is a nice combo plate. They opened a new location near bulverde&1604, which is more centrally located- but I have not been to this location yet- and I really like the original location.

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            That new location is very near my house-Is it open yet?

            1. re: SAnativegirl

              It is not open yet. They're building on at 1604 and red land road. It's a new strip mall, on the south side of the loop. It doesn't look close to being open. There's also a bar, a bike shop and a bank, from what i can tell.