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Feb 27, 2008 07:55 AM

Ottawa - lunch

My sister and I treat each other to lunch for our birthdays every year - her's is fast approaching. I need something close to Laurier and O'Connor (rules out some of my favs in the Market). Decent food but not too expensive. Beckta's perfectly located but out of my price range. Tosca's also well located but it's had several mediocre reviews.

Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks

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    1. I think that Cafe Paradiso would work nicely...
      at 199 Bank St. (a block or so from Laurier)

      There is Benitz Bistro on Somerset between Bank & O'Connor - might be too pricey and a bit far if you are walking...

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        I've heard very good things about Benitz but I forgot about Cafe Paradiso - I've been to dinner there in the summer. Perfect, thanks!