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Feb 27, 2008 07:29 AM

Best of the PATH - Recommendations

I'd be happy to hear from anyone re. their favorite non-chains in Toronto's massive underground PATH system. Someone mentioned there was a gourmet sandwich place that was supposed to be pretty decent, somewhere, that I haven't been able to find.

Many thanks.

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    1. that could be fresh fast food near one of the exits of the commerce court food court (towards soul of the vine). soul of the vine has petit four as part of it now. i've had fresh fast food sandwiches and they are good. petit four, not sure.
      for burritos, i like fresh west grill in the food court under one of the td buildings.

      1. I would suggest The Soup Market and Petit Four in and around Commerce Court. I also don't mind the chinese food at Modern Wok at 145 King West.

        1. Some of my favourites:

          - Burritos at Fresh West in TD or Z-Teca in Commerce Court
          - Veal parm sandwiches at Piazza Manna in the lower foodcourt of First Canadian Place
          - Middle eastern at Tabouli (sp?) in TD
          - Hero Burgers in TD
          - Druxy's corned beef in Scotia
          - Santorini in First Canadian Place (greek)
          - Soup Nutsy for soup (, Jamaican crab is excellent!