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Feb 11, 2002 09:55 PM

kaiseki in l.a.

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Anyone with suggestions for an authentic (or least top-notch and proper) kaiseki dinner in the LA area? I did a search for kaiseki and received finds only in New York and San Francisco.

I've never experienced kaiseki before and I have wanted to give it a go. However, I wouldn't know on a first outing whether what I was getting was the "real deal" or not. Your recommendations are appreciated.

I've heard that A Thousand Cranes atop the New Otani Hotel does kaiseki. Does it do it justice?

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  1. Check out Yatsuhashi Restaurant at 111 S. San Pedro St. in L.A. (213)625-1722. I was just looking for this about an hour ago and found a list of kaiseki places in the USA Today article I've linked below. Let us know how it is if you go.