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Feb 27, 2008 07:21 AM

Park Slope CSA (Windflower Farm) vs. Greenwood Heights CSA (Hearty Roots Farm)?

I'm trying to decide between these two. Is anyone familiar enough with both to make a comparison? Or, if you only know about one of them, can you tell me what you like and don't like about it?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. We joined the Cobble Hill CSA, we had friends that belonged and the farm is on Long Island so long growing season, we got shares for 27 weeks last one was Dec 4

    Also, if you like thier meat, Dines Farms sells there too but yoiu don't have to be a member to buy.

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    1. re: Jack_

      Thanks for this! I checked out Cobble Hill, but it seems a little far -- I'd really prefer to join a CSA with a pickup location within easy walking distance from my apartment.

      I'm leaning heavily toward the Greenwood Heights / Heart Roots CSA. Will post results here -- I'm sure I'll be utilizing Chow quite a bit in the near future to help me figure out new ways to use vegetables I've never cooked before!

    2. I just sent in my check for a half share with Greenwood Heights, just because it's closer. I think the Park Slope CSA is cheaper. It doesn't look as though you can buy extras like eggs like the one my Mother belongs to on the LES. That farmer picks up things from other farms in the area if you ask for them.

      1. I've been a member of Hearty Roots' Gpt/Wbg csa for two seasons and the produce is consistently excellent! Really fresh and high-quality, and abundant--there were a couple pickups in the summer when I can remember lugging home seriously heavy bags full of vegetables. Standouts for me were the heirloom tomatoes, melons, garlic, and herbs, but the variety is always very good. The farmers are super nice and they host work weekends/parties on the farm in tivoli.

        1. We did the Park Slope one last year. I really liked the fruit, but some weeks the veg share seemed a bit on the lean side some weeks. We got an egg share too, which was fantastic.

          We are not doing it again this year because there were too many weeks when we are out of town. Windflower sells at the farmers market, so we'll be doing that instead, plus the coop.

          1. Thanks so much, youcannotbeserious and lentillady! This is exactly the type of information I was looking for. I'll be mailing in my check to Greenwood Heights CSA today. youcannotbeserious, see you at the pickup point!

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            1. re: lmoy

              Hi Imoy - what did you think of the Greenwood Heights CSA? I am toying with joining, but I am also a member of the PS Coop, so I am slightly torn. That and the fact that I have tried to reach out to the CSA twice to get on the waiting list but can't seem to get a response... Would love to know what your thoughts are! Thanks!!

              1. re: kmaduro

                I belong to the East Williamsburg CSA supplied by Hearty Roots. I love it. Really do. In prior years I belonged to the separately run Greenpoint-Williamsburg CSA which is supplied by Garden of Eve and I am much happier with Hearty Roots.

                And - it did take a while for me to get in after sitting on the waiting list. I felt just as bewildered as you did - until I got the email that there was space available. Then I jumped on it and am very happy with the CSA.

                One quibble is that I also do a flower share. Which is supplied by someone other than Hearty Roots. And I like them - but the flowers aren't as spectacular as in my previous CSA. They're still beautiful - but I preferred the others. Anyhow - it's really all about the veggies and I'm rah rah Hearty Roots!

                1. re: rdnnyc

                  Thanks, rdnnyc - that is really good to know. I have a garden and was considering the flower share as well, but I typically stick to more veggies than flowers, so maybe I will stick to my tomatoes and cayenne peppers. Okay - I'll sit tight and hope to hear from them next spring!

                  Appreciate the information...

                  1. re: rdnnyc

                    And bam - got the email so I am signing up. Thanks again for your insights...

                    1. re: kmaduro

                      Hey - great! I hope you like them as much as I do. Cheers!