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Feb 27, 2008 07:09 AM

Staten Island restaurants - good for small bridal shower?

hi all,
maid of honor and looking for a restaurant in staten island to hold a bridal shower.
I'm from brooklyn and know many great restaurants here, but seeing as most of the guests will be coming from jersey and staten island, it would seem best to hold the shower in staten island (less traveling for the jersey folks). But I am not familiar with any restaurants in staten island, so recommendations are much needed!
It will be a small shower - about 20-25 people - and i'm hoping to find some hidden gem on SI, a quaint place, not too pricey.

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    1. re: Flaco

      Thanks...looking them up now...found DoSi Caffe's website and looks beautiful. The prices didn't seem bad at first glance of catering menu, until I noticed drinks - most places usually include wine at a reasonable price, but DoSi's prices went from just including soda/coffee/tea to paying additional $15/person for open bar - seems to be no middle ground (for ex, just wine and beer) and to go with their full open bar option is out of my budget.
      I looked up American Grill to check out their menu & atmosphere, but their website link doesn't seem to be working anymore.

      1. re: bklynnygirl

        Sorry to tell you American Grill is out of business

      2. re: Flaco

        Didn't the American Grill close, or am I thinking of some other place with a similar name?

        1. re: Tay

          Amercan grill has gone out of business

      3. Lakruwana's pretty quaint, and the food, while not terribly exciting, is picturesque. It's pretty small, but probably could hold 20-25 people.

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        1. re: Xiao Yang


          226 Bay St, Staten Island, NY 10301

          1. re: Xiao Yang

            Although I love asian food, I don't think that's the smartest way to go for a to stick with cuisine that everyone likes.


            1. re: bklynnygirl

              You're doing this backwards. Tell us what type of food, what price range, type of beverage you want included, etc. Otherwise Posters will not know what you want/don't want. :-}

              1. re: Tay

                I don't think I'm doing this backwards...I already said what I want in my original post: something not too pricey and good for a group of 20-25 people (in other words do not want a reception hall type of place, which i know there are many of those in staten island). I don't have a specific menu/cuisine in mind, I just thought it's pretty common sense knowledge that for something like a bridal shower you'd want to pick a restaurant whose food will appeal to a group.

                1. re: bklynnygirl

                  Calm yourself...I didn't mean to come offf as hostile. :-}
                  The reason I said you were doing it 'backwards' is b/c had you specified the types of food you DIDN'T want and your beverage requests in your original post, it would have alerted other Posters not to bother to send you recc of Asian restaurant, or restaurants with no or lower cost beer/wine pkges. .
                  You wrote:
                  "Although I love asian food, I don't think that's the smartest way to go for a to stick with cuisine that everyone likes."
                  But you go on to post:
                  "I don't have a specific menu/cuisine in mind, I just thought it's pretty common sense knowledge that for something like a bridal shower you'd want to pick a restaurant whose food will appeal to a group."
                  I don't know if you've done this before, but many, many people hold Bridal Showers in Asian restaurants. Especially if you have a limited budget. You get tremendous bang for the buck
                  and most people are very comfortable with 'traditional' Chinese food. The only other food that has the same type of appeal would be your basic Italian dinner and you won't have the same variety , but that might be what you feel most comfortable with.
                  I am very familiar with SI restaurants and I have been to several Bridal Showers at the beautiful Crown Palace restaurant on New Dorp Lane. They thought of everything, including such lovely touches as punch bowls of "Virgin" Mai Tai's and Pina Colada's(with the liquor on the side). When I asked them why, they told me it was b/c it had been their experience that at Showers there are often pregnant women and they wanted them to be able to enjoy a drink.
                  It's centrally located in one of the best locations in Staten Island
                  and they have beautiful party rooms. They pack up all the food and have it ready to take home.which is great for feeding all the guys.

                  If you can afford it, La Strada is also excellent Also on New Dorp Lane. Great food, charming atmosphere., excellent service.Private party room

                  If you would like other recc, drop a post.. :-}

                  1. re: Tay

                    I've actually been to many showers and none have ever been in an asian restaurant - guess people don't want to take the chance that the older relatives might not like it, lol, particularly if it's a sushi place.
                    It doesn't have to be italian to appeal to everyone either...I'm sure there's plenty of that on staten island though, my fear being it will be that tacky sopranos-like atmosphere - definitely do NOT want! ha!
                    I just went to La Strada's website - only one of their party menus was reasonably priced and when you add in drinks then it definitely gets too they require minimum of 30 people for private parties - this shower will most likely be 20 (25 people at the most).
                    I'll look into Crown Palace if it's traditional chinese food (as opposed to something trendy/sushi/fusion, which I love but may not go over well with the older relatives of the bride).

                    1. re: bklynnygirl

                      Crown Palace has very good quality food. Both "traditional" food and, for those that want it, the more trendy Asian/fusion that has become so popular. For these types of parties, they do varied platters ofr well prepared, Cantonese food. They do a lot of parties that include the 'Older relatives' crowd, so nothing too adventerous.:-} . I'm just not sure if they will give up a private room for a party of 20.
                      One of the problems with SI restaurants is that they are very word of mouth so many do not have web sites which makes it difficult for you. I just tried looking for sites of 3 really nice places and couldn't find any sites... Very annoying :-{.

                      1. re: Tay

                        yeah I had a feeling the size would be an issue...hence why I posted on chowhound (everyone i personally know who could tell me about parties they've been to in SI could only name big spaces). I was hoping someone from SI would know about the little gems that aren't well-publicized. What are the names of the places that you can't find websites for? cause I could always just call to get info. Like I said before, my plan is to get a list of places and drive over to SI to check them all out in one trip.

                      2. re: bklynnygirl

                        I just reread your last post... Word of warning:
                        Bella Mama has that "tacky sopranos-like atmosphere" lol!

                        1. re: Tay

                          well then Bella Mama is definitely off the list! lol

                2. re: bklynnygirl

                  Maybe someone will pipe up below the Mason Dixon Line (the 278). Vida is cute on Van Duzer. Haven't eaten at American Grill since they moved from Forest.

                  1. re: Flaco

                    yeah I'm hoping people who live in staten island will pipe up and tell me about some little hidden gem that few know about.
                    As for Vida, I'll look it up and see if I can find a menu somewhere on the web...thanks!

                      1. re: BMartin

                        Thanks for the link to Basilio' photos on the website but their description sounds nice. Their regular menu is reasonably priced, so I'm keeping fingers crossed that the party/catering menu prices (they don't have that posted on the site) will be just as reasonable.
                        I couldn't find a menu for Vida on the web either, but found some good reviews for the food on other I'll call them and Basilio's to get further info.

                        KEEP THE RESTAURANT SUGGESTIONS COMING! cause i hope to have a list of places that I can just spend one day driving around staten island to check out (rather than going to SI a bunch of times).

                        1. re: BMartin

                          I hate to come off as so negative but Basilio's is pretty rundown and the food is pretty dreadful...

                          1. re: Tay

                            I have suggested this before for a party Bella Momma on Morningstar Road.

                            1. re: psnative

                              thanks psnative...they don't post their party menu on their website ( but their regular menu is reasonably priced, so I'll get in touch with them too to get more info.

                            2. re: Tay

                              hey I want to hear the negatives too Tay so I know what to avoid, especially since i'm clueless about restaurants in staten island...that's why I posted on chowhound in the first place. :)

                3. My shower was held at Nino's on Hylan Blvd. Not bad, plenty of parking, close enough from the SIE, and near mass transit from Brooklyn/SI Ferry.

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                  1. re: MrsT

                    they have a website too ( and post their party menu but not the prices (which seems strange. lol)...another one to add to the list to find out more info...thanks!

                    1. re: bklynnygirl

                      Re Bella Momma, I know they don't post their catering menu but maybe you can get that faxed to you. I know that the party I attended there were some old time Brooklyn Italians and the food was just fine. I didn't hear any complaints.

                      1. re: psnative

                        TI agree, they have pretty good food, but the neighborhood is a litttle...uhhhh.. How should I say it?... Dicey.

                        1. re: Tay

                          ok so Tay, since you seem to be the most knowledgable on SI restaurants (and their neighborhoods), where else would you recommend? Based on suggestions so far, it looks like i'll be looking into the menus and pricing of Vida, Crown Palace, and Nino's (by the way, any opinion on them?)

                          1. re: bklynnygirl

                            I've never beeen to Vida but it's not located in a particularly great neighborhood.I don't know how important that is to you, and I know bad things happen to good people in all neighborhoods, but when it comes to safety, especially when going to a place unfamiliar to many people, I have this thing about trying to stack the odds in favor of safety.:-}

                            1. re: Tay

                              Since I don't know the neighborhoods of staten island, that kind of info is definitely important. Thanks for the heads-up.

                              1. re: Tay

                                You got to be joking about Vida... this is why Staten Island has the reputation it does. Parking sure, but safety? I had a couple of tapas today down at Beso (718-816-8162) right by the ferry. Interesting menu, and if your friends appreciate a little sleazy masking as highbrow interior design you might dig it. At least stick your head in... I'm going back with my charnega in tow and will file a more detailed report.

                                1. re: Flaco

                                  Of course everything is realtive but I wasn't kidding. As I said, I've not yet eaten at Vida and it's probably great, but Van Duzer St isn't in the best area. The OP is talking about a group of women driving/parking in an unfamiliar neighborhood. While I love exploring the more colorful and varied areas of the Island, realistically, for the OP's needs, the South Shore would be a better bet.

                                  1. re: Tay

                                    I appreciate Tay's perspective and that of the original poster, too....I live a couple blocks from Vida and feel fortunate it is in my neighborhood. It fits bklyn's attributes of "quaint" and "little gem" I think.

                                    Not to negate anyone's other concerns, but I think natives of Brooklyn or Queens would have a good laugh over what Staten Islanders consider an "unsafe" neighborhood. :)

                                    1. re: comestible

                                      I agree. That's why I said it's all relative.I should have been more specific and said, relative to the mid south shore area of the Island. My quaint,little gem used to be Aesop's Tables, but the food has gone way downhill. I'll definitely have to try Vida.

                        2. re: bklynnygirl

                          I'm still not sure of your price range b/c what you might consider too pricy might be something others might consider affordable, That having been said, you might like Lento's Same family as the famous Lento's formerly of Bay Ridge.
                          Nice atmosphere, they have a separate room and they have very good food..
                          Is this an evening or afternoon affair.? Sat or Sun?
                          Here's their catering info.


                          1. re: Tay

                            It will definitely be an afternoon party...not sure if it will be a saturday or sunday though (i'm open to either). As for price range - I don't have a specific amount in my head, but know that can't afford anything too pricey...definitely under $30/person food menu cause i gotta leave room to add on for drinks (will probably stick with just wine since full open bar will get too pricey and not worth it for an afternoon party).
                            As for Lento's, I hear that name and I think pizza and I don't want that feeling of "hey the shower is at a pizza joint", ugh!

                            1. re: bklynnygirl

                              Ok... So under $30 amd in the afternoon.Soda and wine are perfect. The last shower I went to happened to be at the aforementioned Crown Palace, and pretty much everyone drank the Mai Tai's and Pina Colada's.anyway Those that wanted to kick it up a notch just added rum from the botttle that was on the beverage table. And there were an ass't of wines.
                              As for Lento's ... It's definitely NOT a pizza place. It's a really nice well decorated Italain restaurant.that has done so well, they've expanded into the building next door, hence the party room. Physically, it's not AT ALL like the old 3rd Ave pizza/bar joint. I just wanted to let you know it's the same family so you'd know they know their way around a kitchen.
                              I'm going to recc that you make some appts and drive out and check out Crown Palace, La Strada (if it's an afternoon, and they have the date open, they might accommodate a party of 20) . Lento's and Brioso's.(I don't know if they do parties Site is below) They are all on New Dorp Lane. You can make a right from Hylan Blvd onto New Dorp Lane and just drive up a couple of blocks. They are within 2 blocks of each other.
                              Nino's is on Hylan Blvd so you'll have to pass it on your way to New Dorp Lane. Maybe even check out Bella Vita, also on Hylan Blvd. You can see a lot of places w/o bouncing all over the Island.

                              1. re: Tay

                                Thanks for the listing of places on new dorp lane and hylan blvd for me to check out...very helpful, much appreciated! :)

                                1. re: bklynnygirl

                                  No problem. I just want to say there are lots of good restaurants on Staten Island. You've gotten several great recc from other Posters, I'm just trying to factor everything you've mentioned: EG: Accessability from B'klyn, SI and NJ, cost factors, centrally located, ease of parking, number of people in your group, type of food,etc.When all those factors are taken into consideration, your best bet will be a restaurant located on the South Shore of SI. Hylan Blvd is the main street. Neighborhoods are basically good.
                                  If there are husbands/SO's driving the Bridal Shower attendees, there are places they can hang out, like Applebee's or Chevy's,
                                  where they can have something to eat and watch sports. There is even a billiards place on New Dorp Lane.
                                  I hope you will be able to find something that appeals to you and neets your requirements.
                                  A place I didn't mention because I was never a fan of their food, is the Marina Cafe. located right on the water in the Great Kills section of SI (Also off Hylan Blvd). I recently attended a dinner there at their catering building (Marina Grand) which is right across the street. from the Cafe.and the food had improved significantly. I then had dinner there a month or so later, and it was very good. I'm not sure about what wine would cost, but it looks as though the basic meal would be within your budget.
                                  If you're planning this party during the warmer weather, it's nice to be right on the water. Parking is plentiful. They may even have valet. I'm sending you their site. It's only about a 5-7 min drive down Hylan Blvd past New Dorp Lane.


                                  1. re: Tay

                                    funny you should mention marina cafe - that was one place I had heard of before but was under the impression it was more suitable for bigger parties (i've heard of weddings being held there)...but perhaps i have it confused with someplace else.

                                    1. re: bklynnygirl

                                      The Marina Cafe is the original restaurant. Right across from it, they built a lovely small catering hall called the Marina Grand. I've been both a guest at, and hosted a few events there. It's got a smaller beautiful upstairs room that is sort of divided by a bar area.I think they may sometimes do 2 small parties there because of the way it's divided (so hard to explain w/o a visual) It's got that million dollar Marina view. You can see pictures of the room on the Marina Grand page It's got huge windows. (I'm resending the link) I don't know if you are too small a group because, with gifts, wishing well, etc, it might be just right.
                                      It has an intimate feel, not like a catering hall at all. Check out the pictures. See what you think. The only problem is that there is a small flight of stairs so if anyone is not able to manage that, it would not work for you. If it's too big, The restaurant itself, might be able to set you up in the back section of their main dining room which is what they did before they built the Grand. It's hard to explain, but the back of the dining room has a semi separate section. I've seen birthday parties done there. The pictures flash too quickly on their web page but if you can try to see, you'll notice two shots in a row, both of them are of the section in the main dining room that is on the wather. One itaken in the evening, the next is the same shot during the day. You can see the roof line is lower.
                                      Check out both the Cafe and the Grand pictures.
                                      When is this event taking place?

                      2. I think Esca is a nice restaurant for a small shower on Staten's Italian food in a good area and has a parking lot.
                        Also you may look into the Lake Club that is located in Clove Lake Park...very nice setting...
                        and finally, maybe look into Aesop's table..small and ecclectic...I've never been there but here very good things about it...for a small shower it may work!

                        Hope this is helpful! Good Luck!

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                        1. re: bklyn2si

                          I couldn't disagree more with the characterization above of Basilio's being rundown and having "dreadful" food. Basilio's is one of the oldest restaurants in New York City and exudes charm. And as for the food being awful, it does make the Advance's best restaurant list every year.

                          1. re: BMartin

                            B Martin
                            I'd have to respectfully disagree. It's definitely seen better days. It's not charmingly shabby: It's just plain rundown and is in need of a major cleaning/overhaul. Being one of the oldest restaurants around works for a place like Keen's that is kept up. this is not the case with Basilio's
                            As for being on The Advance's best restaurant list every year..I'm smiling.
                            I enjoy the local paper, but they grade restaurants based on the personal preferences of the reviewer, eg: her obsession with whether or not they serve fresh whipped cream with their desserts, so I don't think anyone puts much stock in what they have to say. They view Basilio's as a SI institution. just b/c it's been around forever. Big mistake.
                            Basilio's serves mediocre to poor basic, 'red sauce' dishes. Their sauce is terrible! If you're eating there and liking the food, I say, more power to you, but to recc it to someoe else, especially for a party would just confirm what Posters from other boroughs think: That there are no good restaurants on the Island, which is totally untrue.

                            1. re: Tay


                              When was the last time you ate at Basilio's? They repainted the main dining room and reworked the menu under a new chef within the past year. Is it Babbo-level Italian food? No, but it's pretty darn good for what it is. One of the best Italian-American red-sauce places around.

                              Of course, if well executed Italian-American comfort food isn't your thing, then don't bother.

                              1. re: pdc2007

                                It's been over a year (and 3 visits) since I wrote it off.
                                I'm a big fan of:"well executed Italian-American comfort food ", so I'm willing to ask around to see if anyone I know agrees with you. If I get another positive vote, I'm more than willing to try it again. There are just so many very good place at which to dine, I'm a bit reluctant to waste time/resources eating acidic,heartburn producing, sauce served over hopelessly overcooked, pasta, which is what Basilio's used to serve. I'll be delighted if it's improved.:-}

                          2. re: bklyn2si

                            Esca is a nice choice. The food is sort of uneven though. Some nights, good other nights, not so much. I don't know if it due to different kitchen staff on different nights, but we've mentioned it twice to the staff.
                            While the Lake Club looks nice, I don't know about at catered events but in general both times I dined there, they served rather small portions of pretty mediocre food. For me, a place only gets away with the small portion concept if the food is great.
                            I love the atmosphere/decor of Aesop's. It really is a charming place. We used to eat there fairly often. A couple of years ago, we noticed a dramatic change in the quality of food. Same menu, but very inferior/careless preparation. So much so that we inquired as to whether or not the Chef was still the same? We were assured that he was the same one. We figured, maybe it was an "off night". Unfortunately, It wasn't any bettter the next time we went which was the last time we went. Too bad. It was one of our favorites.

                          3. Here are some of the places I have used for my non profit womans organization. We are always looking for reasonably priced menus for our funtions.

                            I found Bella Mama very reasonable and not out of a Soprano's episode. If you want that, you need to go to Angelina's. The food at BM is basic Italian.

                            Crown Palace has good Chinese food and the owner Sonny is a very nice man who is very accommodating to your needs. You can do family style or buffet style.

                            Arirang, is always a big hit and is comfortable for those who dont know many of the people attending.

                            Marina Cafe is another nice place. They have a party room that is very nice.

                            DeNoi Restaurant I heard is very good, though I havent been there yet.

                            Fresca's on the Bay had good food as well, dont know about the party thing.

                            For an afternoon event with 20-25 attending, you may do better with a bar tab than an open bar. See how much it would be for carafs of wine on the table instead.

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                            1. re: Momoftwinsn1

                              I've already mentioned several of your recc and, except for Bella Mama's decor, we agree,so I'll just say that DeNoi, at least the location that I went to, had very good food. Drawbacks: It's usually very crowded and very noisy and somewhat pricy,so probably not a great Bridal Shower choice. IMO, Fresca's has a nice location but the food is only so so.
                              Running a bar tab is rarely an economical choice.Invariably there are, "Math
                              errors" and no one ever sits down and tries to figure who ordered what. For an afternoon Bridal Shower, carafes of wine/soda are more appropriate AND more economical.:-}