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Feb 11, 2002 08:48 PM

La Cachette?

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I'm going Wednesday night with my girlfriend. Any 'Hounds out there with menu tips, opinions, or other comments to share?

La Cachette
10506 Little Santa Monica
Century City

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    torta basilica

    A waiter once poured our wine into my water glass there, but other than that, great - & very romantic. Ask for the corner booth straight ahead as you walk in the restaurant - cozy, romantic & great people-watching.

    1. Always very good - one of our favorite restaurants. Be sure to try the chocolate soufflé for dessert. Enjoy!

      1. Been there about 3-4 times and have been quite pleased overall, until the last time (for lunch) when I found my fish overdone and having a strange barbeque-y flavor. But that could have been a fluke.

        They used to have award-winning apple tatin but I didn't see it on the menu last time. If you see it, go for it--it's divine.

        1. It maybe to late now for you to request this but my favorite La Cachette meal is "the whole nine yards" which they do with advanced notice. It's their version of the French Laundry tasting menu and is quite good. Enjoy!