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Feb 27, 2008 05:33 AM

Authentic Chinese in Rockville/G'burg area

Looking for some new places to try. We love authentic Chinese food -- so please provide suggestions on places...

We've been to: New Fortune, Chopstix (Muddy Branch, G'burg), Joe's Noodle House, Seven Seas.

Looking for some new places to try!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Give Mama Wok & Terriyaki in Rockville or Gaithersburg a try. The name may sound far from authentic, but they have many great dishes on their chef's suggested menu. I've posted specific recs on a previous thread.

    A & J in Rockville has good beef noodle soup and other traditional Northern style breads, noodles, and small eats.

    For a lunch takeout alternative, give Maxim or Kam Sam Supermarkets a try with their prepared authentic homestyle cold/hot dishes. They have a great priced lunch box that comes with steamed rice and three dishes for something like $4.75. Best deal for a great authentic Chinese lunch. Don't be intimidated by the lack of English speaking staff at the stores. You can point to the dishes you want in your lunch box.

    Happy eating!

    1. I like Thai Shan in Montgomery Village (especially the Pork Picnic!) and China Bistro/Mama's Dumplings in Rockville for dumplings.

      At Thai Shan I ordered off the "Chinese" menu and they told me that I wouldn't like Pork Picnic because it was "too Chinese". It was a giant braised pork shoulder - what's not to love??

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        You know, I guess I'll have to try Tai Shan again. I have asked for the chinese menu and they tell me "you don't want that..." or "we don't have it".... my hubby is chinese and yes we DO want it!! LOL So I get forced into the american menu and therefore we've written them off! Maybe we'll give them one last shot... Thanks!

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          When we went everything was listed on one menu; maybe they've changed it since you last went?

          It was a pretty funny experience - my boyfriend and I devoured the pork picnic and an older lady came up and said "You liked that?" and we both said "Yes!". She looked a little disbelieving and said "It's my favorite!" and it was all good. I understand the hesitation on their part though; I'm sure there's plenty of white people who would complain after ordering something authentic.

      2. I'd add to your list Tony Lin's (Rockville - Montrose Crossing) for Cantonese. They have a separate Chinese menu, but it is completely translated, and they are very pleased when non-Chinese diners order from that menu.

        Also Bob's 88 Shabu Shabu on N. Washington St. in Rockville, but for the Taiwanese Homestyle menu, not the Shabu Shabu. Fantastic stuff, even better than what he's doing across the street at Bob's Noodle 66, and the "family meals" are a stupendous value. Don't miss the Lion's Head Meatballs!

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          I second DanielK's rec of Bob's 88 and Tony Lin's. Both excellent.

          I don't think Tony Lin's is Cantonese style though. They have a combination of different Chinese styles. I know the owners and the Chinese Embassy hosts parties there frequently.

        2. In Germantown, on Wisteria Dr., is Peking Palace which, despite its name, appears to be the only place in the DC artea that offers authentic Hunan. I haven't heard much about it lately, but maybe someone else has been recently.