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Feb 27, 2008 05:29 AM

Olivia in Ithaca

A group of my college friends and our husbands are visiting the Finger Lakes one weekend in June and are seeking a restaurant for dinner (s). I came across Olivia on the internet, but can find absolutely nothing about it on here... a most definite red flag perhaps?

anyone have any feedback on this particular restaurant in particular?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've been to Olivia's once, this past summer. I ordered the hamburger and it was a little dry, even when ordered medium-rare. Granted, I had it without the bacon, which may have been what it needed to round out flavor and have enough fat for good texture? The herbed fries were pretty tasty- I remember they were hot, not too salty and there was definitely more herb action than a sprinkle of dried parsley. :) I think it was an off-night for the burger, though- my friend has professed that it is her favorite burger in the area (and when she had it at Olivia's sister restaurant in Collegetown, Stella's, it looked better than what I had at Olivia's).

    My companion's salad looked good- really fresh vegetables, especially the greens. She had it with a portabella addition that was nicely marinated. Of course, it was the summertime, and I think that Olivia's focus is on using fresh ingredients from local producers. So in June, you'll probably be in good shape.

    Service was nice, and we dined in the patio space that opens during warmer weather. Passing through the interior, the place seemed to have a sophisticated, loungy vibe to it except for the furniture (more like "sit up straight" furniture than "hang out and relax" furniture). The other thought that crossed my mind is it seems like it could get a little too loud because of the room acoustics if it was crowded (that's just speculation, though).

    If you're coming during reunion weekend, YMMV, of course. My opinion is simply based on one visit when it was not crowded at all. Good luck choosing a place- seems like you're doing your homework well in advance!

    1. I've been to Olivia's twice since they opened, and weren't terribly impressed either time. The menu is enticing, but we found the dishes disappointing in the flesh. Portions were smaller than I would've liked. My colleague also had trouble with waitstaff spilling wine on him and not apologizing or accommodating him in any way. You'd be better off seeking out more memorable restaurants in Ithaca or the Finger Lakes. Try Dano's Heuriger ( if you're going to be in the Seneca Lake area.

      Good luck with the restaurant searching!

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        Thanks for the tip! I posted this months ago and surmised from the lack of response that this place wasn't worth it. Any you have confirmed my suspicion. we have actually decided on Pangea for Friday night. I will pass on the idea of Dano's to my friends to see if it is a good fit for Saturday. They know the area, I am just tagging along! Thanks again!