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Feb 11, 2002 07:59 PM

What happened to Swedish Sandwich Cake Shop in O.C.?

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OK. There used to be a place in the heart of O.county, in Lake Forest or some such place near Laguna Niguel called the Swedish Sandwich Cake Shop. They had a great specialty for parties etc., a Sandwich cake. It looked like a cake, with icing and flower decor. and layers, but it was made of savory ingredients, salmon paste, eggs, bread, etc.
You would cut into it like a cake and serve slices, but 'tweren't sweet.

So, the following is listed in the LA times
Original Swedish Sandwich Cake
20651 Lake Forest Dr
Suite A109, Lake Forest

But I don't live nearby and they don't answer the phone. ANyone?

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  1. Don't have your Swedish shop, but a suggestion.

    For a sandwich that looks like a cake, I make Tort Primavera, which layers crepes, black forest ham, mustard, cheese and mayo into a stack about 6-8" high. Slice, and you've got pretty sandwiches, perfect for a party.


    PS: Yesterday I posted under "Amuse Bouche" but today I see that name was already taken. So, plain ol' Lis, it shall be.