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Feb 27, 2008 05:03 AM

Desserts for Kids and Adults

We're going over to a friend's house for dinner this weekend. We volunteered to bring dessert. The friends have a 3 year old and a 6 year old.

What type of dessert would you suggest for this event? I'm looking for something fairly easy to make and something that would appeal to young kids and to adults. I would prefer to make something with chocolate.


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    1. This chocolate mousse cake is really easy and tastes great:

      1. Really good brownies with a powdered sugar dusting are tough to beat if you're after chocolatey, easy, delicious and universal appeal. You can always gussy them up with some fresh berries and a coulis or something if you feel like it.

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        1. re: fern

          I agree. Really good brownies are easy to transport and sure to be a hit with kids and adults. Don't put nuts in them. Many kids hate nuts.

        2. We all love chocolate fondue. Super easy to make and if you don't have a fondue pot, you can use two pans or even cook in microwave. Make some rice krispy treats and get some bananas and strawberries and everyone will be happy.

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            Imho (mother of three ages 22m, 3&1/2 and 6) chocolate fondue will likely lead to messy hands, hair, clothes, etc. I love fondue, I don't love the mess. I like the brownie suggestion. My kids love brownies, blondies and chocolate chip cookie sandwiches...they love chocolate pudding too but that's something that only gets served when I expect to have to immediately march them upstairs for a bath...something hard to do when there's company. :)

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              I think fondue's a great idea!!
              I used to have parties in my college dorm room where I'd make fondue in a hotpot and ask everyone to bring 'dippables'. Besides fruit, crackers, cakes, and pretzels all dip well.
              Maplesugar is quite right that it can get very messy with little ones. I only have one little guy (he's 5) so can take the mess as a cost of his having great fun. Most little ones love mess, and chocolate, and will love the "experiment" that dipping will be for them. You know your friends and can judge how they're likely to respond. Or you can always run it by them, giving them a chance to set up a fondue station if they were planning to have the rest of the meal with good linens.

            2. Okay, this is not chocolate, but I think it would be a total hit with your crowd. Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding is a 5-star recipe from Paula Deen. Do make it exactly per her directions. I tried to lighten it a bit once using lower fat products and it just wasn't the same.


              I do agree that brownies would be good for all. I'd take vanilla ice cream for the kids and pick another flavor more adult type like coffee, dulce de leche, etc. for the more adventuresome.

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                I totally agree with Paula's Banana Pudding. Last time I made it adults were running their fingers through the empty bowl.
                Love the brownie idea, but I would make blondies. Chocolate in the evenings always gave my little ones digestive problems that I had to clean up.